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I discovered CreativeJuices7 through a link from to their Elves vs. Dwarves debate video. I watched it, laughed my butt off, and then realized they had a whole slew of other videos. I sat for over an hour watching every single one and since then I’ve religiously watched every new video and re-watched the old ones.

The CJ team produces the Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook Public Service Announcements, or the D&D PHB PSAs for (not-so) short. When I started watching, my only D&D-related knowledge was from playing EverQuest and World of Warcraft, but the videos were still hilarious. Now that I’m actually playing D&D, I’m getting a lot more of the jokes and it’s like all the videos are new all over again!

Here’s where to start, video #1 where you meet Mialee (elven wizard), Jozan (cleric of Pelor), Gimble (gnome bard) and Lidda (halfling rogue). It’s also where the “Sneak Attack!” begins…

Go ahead, watch the rest of them. Here are my Top Ten favorites (in chronological order):

#4 – Hennet, my favorite character ever.
#6 – He had me call him El Magnitador!
#9 and 9 1/2 – My second favorite character, the minstrel Stephen of Tyler.
#11 – The Christmas Special, wherein we meet Hennet’s family. Hilarity ensues.
#14 – D&Debate – Light vs. Heavy Armor. “Am I quick enough to get out of the way? No? Am I smart enough to know better? No. But am I tough enough to take it? You’re goddamn right I am!”
#16 – D&Debate – Elves vs. Dwarves. Where my love affair with the PSAs began.
#18 – D&Debate – Bards vs. Minstrels. Close to my heart because I suggested they do this and they DID! *squee!*
#22 – D&Debate – Adventurers vs Commoners. I hate the bar wench’s voice, but I love Hennet, so it makes up for it.
#29 – Nerdmonger…. my stats are 8, 8, 8….
#31 – D&Debate – Warlocks vs. Illusionists. I’ve exchanged the air you’re breathing for other air!

The writer for these videos (Clinton Boomer, actor of Hennet), was in the final four contestants on’s RPG Superstar contest. Being a n00b to D&D I’m still a little lost on all the stat blocks, but the descriptions were very cool! I think it would be really interesting to be a part of one of his campaigns. Speaking of D&D, this Friday my group resumes playing after a two week hiatus. I’m so excited!

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