Is Online Dating Racist?

I found this interesting blog post today: BaltAmour: Preference or racism?. It’s written by Maryann James, a 20-something black lesbian…and a cute geeky-looking one at that! (Any Baltimore geek lesbians in the house? Check her out!)

The original question:

Is online dating racist?

Ms. James comes to the conclusion that this isn’t the right question and suggests this one:

Do racial dating preferences make you racist?

I think both questions are a bit far-fetched. I do not consider myself to be racist. I have friends ranging from super pale (my boyfriend!) to chocolaty brown (fave coworker!). However, when it comes to the type of men that I am attracted to as romantic partners, I find that I am most attracted to white men, followed by Asians (especially half-Asians!) and Latinos.

Would I date a black man if I met one that piqued my interest?   Sure.  Have I, in my 13 year dating career (my first boyfriend was when I was 15), met a black man I was interested in as a romantic partner?  Nope. Does this make me a racist? I should hope not!

But the question presents itself… if you are open to the possibility of finding someone with similar interests and passions who is a different race than you, why not put “Any” under your match’s ethnicity?

I guess it’s the same reason why we put preferred gender (men only!), age (26-36), height (6’0″+), education (BA/BS or more!), income (steady job with growth potential, please!), family (no kids and don’t want ‘em either!), etc, etc etc.

We’re looking for that perfect match.

Does that make me a hater of lesbians, old men, shorties, dummies, McDonalds employees and breeders? Nah. (Ok, I do harbor a certain antagonistic attitude towards stupidity, but that’s another post.) It makes us dreamers… am I the only one?

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