Adventures of a Newb Girl in D&D

Greetings, friends. This is part one of the tale of e, the woefully inept (but learning!) padawan of D&D. I have always harbored a curiosity about D&D, but never had the opportunity to play it until recently. As you know, I’m dating a wonderful pale geeky redhead who happens to game regularly on Sundays with some friends. When I visited, they were playing a Star Wars d20 campaign, and the DM was gracious enough to roll me up a character to play. Even tho it was the Star Wars universe, I wanted to be Inara from Firefly. (So shoot me if she’s not from Star Wars, she’s awesome!!) I settled for a Noble class with Inara-like abilities and in the end, saved the day by convincing a ship full of refugees that they wanted to go to a planet that none of them really wanted to go to in the first place.

I had so much fun that I decided to find a local D&D group. Off to the internet I went, where I ended up finding some folks on who happened to be looking for a girl to join their group. (Nobody likes a sausage fest!) We agreed to meet at Denny’s to talk about the game and see if people got along. Now, I’m a bit of a shy geek in new situations. I’m not one to walk into a restaurant confidently seeking out a table of people I’ve never met. But you know it’s the D&D table when you find the guys wearing…

- Thundercats t-shirt
- dragon t-shirt
- Batman t-shirt
- Thor’s hammer necklace

Ah, my people. Excellent. Sadly enough, two of the original people at that table are no longer with us, but that’s another story entirely. Fast forward a bit and we have our current lineup:

Eko – Gnoll (sooner or later some sort of druid/tank?)
Frank – Half-Giant Cleric
Hakim – Halfling Scout
Name (pronounced NA-may.. hahahha!) – Shifter/Tank
and me, Mar’Kessa the Drow Scout

Next post… more about Mar’Kessa!

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