Mar’Kessa Riknueth

Mar’Kessa’s snow white hair is the first thing people notice about her. Thick and silky, it falls halfway down her back in stark contrast to her dark skin. Two thin braids on either side of her head are tied at the back of her neck with a strip of black leather. Another strip of leather, studded with purple stones is tied, choker-style, around her neck. Her build is slight, but toned. A wide scar mars her left upper arm and when her hair falls in the right way, you can see that the tip of her left ear is missing. She is beautiful until you meet her claret red eyes and see the hatred and disdain within them. She has been betrayed by those closest to her and has a hard time trusting anyone.

Mar’Kessa was outcast from her family after killing her brother, Xen’dal. He was going to sell secrets to the Tar’cha family and had plans to meet to hand over maps. Mar’Kessa stalked him silently and when the opportunity presented itself, she leapt from the shadows, rapier unsheathed, and confronted him.

Xen’dal gave Mar’Kessa an ultimatum – join him in betraying the family secrets or die. She replied that she would never betray the family, and especially not to the Tar’cha, who were already too powerful.

“Death then,” Xen’dal said.

“Mine or yours, one of us will not see tomorrow,” she growled.

It was then that she realized he was not alone. Not only was the Tar’cha representative there, awaiting precious information, but two of her cousins stepped from the shadows as well. Seething with anger, Mar’Kessa struck quickly, slicing her brother’s neck. As he fell to the ground, she felt a searing pain. The blade of her cousin Curra had sliced her deep and blood spilled hot and fast from her arm. A bright light flooded the alleyway and the four drow dropped to the ground, covering their faces. Dizzy from blood loss, Mar’Kessa lost consciousness.

When she awoke, she was in a small tent on the outskirts of town. Memories of the fight with the traitors came flooding back. Examining herself, she found a bandage over her left arm and another on her left ear. A choker had been tied around her neck. She untied it and felt her wounds begin to throb. Retying it, she gathered up her things and looked for some sign to identify her savior and healer, but there were none.

Mar’Kessa set off for her house, only to meet up with one of her youngest cousins a few blocks away. “Traitor!” he yelled. “Xen’dal’s blood is on her hands! Xen’dal, who died saving the family secrets from falling into the hands of the Tar’cha! Traitor! Mar’Kessa the traitor dares to show her face here!” At the point when arrows began to fly, Mar’Kessa turned and fled.

Mar’Kessa is torn between wanting to clear her name with her family and wanting to run away from it all and attempt to start life anew elsewhere under a new name.

Prefers to fight ranged because she is fearful of coming as close to death as she did after the fight with the traitors. Takes her a long time to build trust in someone. Can be too bitchy for her own good – mainly because she prefers to keep people at a safe distance.

Alignment (Neutral Evil):
Mar’Kessa has lost respect for society and its rules. She is out for herself and is concerned only for her own welfare. She will help others, but only if she sees it as eventually benefiting her in some way.

That’s all for now… in the next D&D installment, I’ll get you caught up on where our campaign has taken us and all the craziness that has ensued (mainly because our cleric is a nutcase).

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