Dice Bag? I don’t need no stinkin’ dice bag.

Come on, gamer friends. The Crown Royal bag is just a little clichéd, isn’t it? It’s time for a new era of dice transportation devices.

I present to you – THE DICE PENGUIN.

It started out as a regular penguin candy dispenser that I got for Christmas one year:

You put the candy in his body and when you press his head, the candy is expelled out of his anus. Quite charming, no?

I bought new dice today because in my last session I managed to roll every single digit number possible on my d20. Twice. I figured new dice might teach my old dice how to behave. Then I thought, well gee, I need something to put these dice in…. I wonder if….

Ta-da! Who wouldn’t want their dice transported around in the body of an adorable penguin? It’s too bad the dice are too big for him to poop them out because that, my friends, would be hilarious beyond all description.

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