Geek is Sexy – Blog Carnival Wednesday 3/5!

Welcome to the March 5, 2008 edition
of the geek is sexy carnival.

Don’t see your post here? I’m sorry! This is a blog about geek-related things like gaming, technology, computers, etc. If your post was about business or making money from your blog or a link to a non-blog website, then you submitted to the wrong place. Best of luck… and now… on with the geeky links!


Nicole presents How I stopped Hating on Halo posted at Makeitbetter’s Weblog.

old-wizard presents Top 100 Video Games of All Time List / Introduction posted at

Allison presents Opinion: No, I Don’t Want to Have Sex with You posted at Binge Gamer.

Alan Smithee presents Phantasy Star Generation 1 & 2: Sega really needs to do this… now! posted at kneon transitt shouldn’t be allowed to blog.


poetloverrebelspy presents Smart Uses for Your Camera (Phone) posted at Less Than a Shoestring, saying, “Most travelers today are armed with digital cameras and even camera phones (sometimes both), capturing the world 6 megapixels and one smile at a time. Between artsy shots of the Eiffel Tower at sunset and dorky shots at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, have you considered doing something truly USEFUL with your technology? Your camera (phone) can be an effective travel tool in the right hands. A few ideas for how and when to make it work for you in this post.

Ted Reimers presents iPods in the Classroom posted at CampusGrotto.

ProjectsPossible presents Geek Speak for Dummies | Projects Possible posted at Projects Possible.

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