Dating Profiles: What Girls Say vs. What They Mean

This article crossed my inbox a few days ago and I thought it was amusing enough to share. Indeed, there are many of these phrases out there in the online dating world and they’re on both sides of the spectrum. But since I have a soft spot for geek men, I am focusing on the things women say.

As I mentioned in my post, Geek Guys Beware: Red Flags in her Dating Profile, if she mentions something, it’s important to her. If a girl mentions “drama” or “mind games” or “the bar scene” it generally means that she’s been burned by one (if not all) of the above. Tread carefully.

Let’s venture on to and see what we can see, shall we? We’ll start with a cute 28 year old brunette:

My friends have always said that I am a genuine person (what you see is what you get), honest (sometimes a little blunt), and very loyal (loyalty in a relationship or friendship is very important to me.)

One of the worst phrases in a dating profile is “my friends say I…” or worse yet, “my mom/dad/family/sister says I…” If you can’t trust her own opinion of herself, you’re supposed to trust the opinions of people you’ve never met? Hmmf.

Also, notice the double mention of loyalty. This most likely isn’t an accident. I would bet money that she’s been cheated on at least twice.

…and in the same profile, the other worst phrase ever:

I am someone who enjoys going out just as much as I like staying in.

Wow, an individual! Sometimes you like to go outside your house and sometimes you like to stay inside your house. But really, who is going to admit to being a hermit or conversely, sleeping under an overpass?

All in all, her profile is actually pretty good. I would give you the go-ahead to date her (as long as you’re not a cheater!).

Moving on to a new profile:

I am looking for my prince charming to sweep me of my feet!

Typo aside, that is probably the scariest sentence a girl can put in her profile. It screams unrealistically high expectations. Let’s see if the rest of her profile balances her out…

I am a very active person and need someone that can keep up with my busy schedule.

This means: “I’ll probably have very little time for you. If you want to see me, it has to fit into my schedule. I won’t compromise. In fact, this will be my excuse to not see you for a second date, and since you’re been warned, I am infallible.”

Run away! Run away!

…and behind door number 3, a cute blonde with a big smile who loves baseball…

I’m also looking for honesty and the ability to communicate..without either of those there is no relationship.

This means: “My last boyfriend was a liar and I didn’t find out until it was too late.”

My philosophy is this yes the truth hurts but finding out later that you were lied to hurts ten times more.

Wooboy. This confirms what the last sentence “said”. Not only is this girl damaged goods, she’s recently damaged goods. This doesn’t mean she’s a bad person, it just means that she’s not in a good place emotionally for a new relationship. If you like her, favorite her, but steer clear until her profile reflects a more positive attitude.

Don’t fret, boys! These are just a few fish out of the huge pond. There are plenty of healthy girls out there. Just know how to read between the lines and you can be sure to net yourself a keeper!

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