Diary of a Drow: Day 5

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OOC: We last left our adventures camping just outside the Khyber kobold cave, where they had slain the charismatic leader and his followers as well as several undead.

We awaken, and after our morning routines, we set off to the red kobold village to sell the 50 or 60 paws we collected in our travels. Everyone’s backpacks are filled with paws. I’m hoping we’re able to get some useful items and information out of this exchange.

On our way, we notice that the birds are gone. Not a single woodland creature, fur or feathered, can be seen or heard. A strange new sound approaches us – a metallic sound, clanking and grinding most unpleasantly.

We hide and observe a small, halfling-like male hacking his way through the jungle with a large blade. At either side of him are big metallic creatures wielding greatswords, and they are unlike anything we’ve seen before. The three are arguing heatedly, but I don’t understand them.

As soon as the man spots us, he shoots a magic missile at the gnoll. I want information from these creatures, so I ready an arrow but do not shoot. Name and the gnoll want a fight and begin to pick one with the metal creatures. Hakim pulls out his bow and readies an arrow as well.

Our friend vanishes, leaving his metal bodyguards to tussle with Name and the gnoll.

And Frank? You guessed it. Frank tries diplomacy. Again. He must be communicating in the tongue of the halflings, because it appears that Hakim understands what he is saying. I can only assume it started with, “Friends! We mean you no harm!”

Frank’s charisma wins over the man and he calls off his bodyguards. “I’ve got powerful magic,” the man says. “I have 32 more arrows,” Hakim replies, with one aimed at him.

We allow him, under close watch, to cast one spell that allows us to understand each other. He is looking for Stormreach, and is upset when Frank fumbles around trying to remember which way is north. He calls Frank stupid. Oh, if he only knew the depths of Frank’s idiocy, he’d run away right now. Name tells Frank that Stormreach is on the coast in the north, but generally people stay far, far away from it. Frank relays this information to our new friend.

The metal creatures seem upset. “You work for me,” the man reminds them. “I come from the Library and you work for me.” They settle down a bit.

“What’s the Library?” I ask.

“A place full of information and knowledge,” he replies.

I am intrigued. Knowledge is power. Knowledge could get us to a place where we don’t have to survive on mangoes or deal with celestial bees.

Frank offers to take the man and his bodyguards to the red kobold village and then escort him with us to Stormreach, but he refuses help and they go on their way.

We continue on to the red kobold village where we are treated like heroes. Good food and drink abound, and Frank gathers them all around the fire to tell them about how he grappled with a demon in the black cave and made it see the light of Good. I don’t remember this happening, but honestly, I don’t care. My belly is full and we are surrounded by allies. I will sleep well tonight.

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