Online dating, it’s good for your psychoses.

These Aussies seem to think so!

Psychologist and hypnotherapist Jo Robinson, who has just conducted UWA’s first Extension course on online dating, said she saw people every day in her Perth practice whose search for a compatible partner was causing them great anxiety and suffering.

She said the internet provided emotional resilience for people who were tormented by a strong sense of rejection.

Isn’t that fascinating? (I think it is!) Let’s face it folks, we geeks are not exactly the most emotionally resilient people. Some of us spent our formative years being tormented for wearing glasses, reading too much, or programming text-based RPGs in BASIC for fun. If you escaped adolescence unscathed, you are a lucky geek indeed.


“Networks have broken down and there’s an increasing amount of isolation and mistrust out there,” Ms Robinson said. “Computers offer a dating alternative to the pub and dance scene.”

Let’s face it folks, there are days when we probably have more contact with our Facebook/Myspace/WoW/XBox friends than we do with flesh & blood people. And as someone who actually does go out dancing (but not club dancing – blech!), I’ve actually found internet dating a much more viable place for meeting the types of people most compatible with me.

“Internet dating has a huge amount to offer someone with low self-esteem and can really help develop self-worth.”

I’m going to put myself out on a limb for you, my geeky friends. I occasionally suffer from poor self-esteem. Sure, there are plenty of awesome things about me, but there are days when I just feel… shall we say “meh”? Not so special? Through the process of creating my online dating profile and tweaking it throughout the years, I’ve learned that I do have quite a few excellent selling points (and my boyfriend agrees!).

Putting together a good profile is like marketing a product. You need to shoot photos at its best angle and write about its finer points. Why would I want this in my living room? What does it offer that no one else can? Is it worth my investment? A well-written profile delves into all the things that make you a great person – whether you realize you are or not.

Sticking to the bigger dating sites, being honest with introductory profiles (“women lie about weight and men about age”) and maintaining commonsense when off-site, were all ways of avoiding predatory behaviour and preventing disappointment, she said.

That paragraph merits a blog post of its own. I shall return to it forthwith!! Thursday, perhaps.

After this introduction, the article delves into people with some psychological issues (like panic attacks) who remedied them through online dating. I’m hoping that you are not having such serious problems with your life, but hey, you never know, online dating could be the next big cure-all!

I can’t tell you that is going to cure your crazies. I can tell you that we’re all a little crazy and that’s what makes life fun. Now get out there and get surfing those profiles and find yourself someone so you can enjoy that crazy little thing called love.

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