Avoiding Predatory Behavior & Preventing Disappointment

In my previous post, Online Dating: It’s Good for your Psychoses, I mentioned there was a quote that I wanted to get back to…. so here I am. As a refresher, here is the quote:

Sticking to the bigger dating sites, being honest with introductory profiles (“women lie about weight and men about age”) and maintaining commonsense when off-site, were all ways of avoiding predatory behaviour and preventing disappointment, she said.

As far as predatory behavior, I find this is more of a concern amongst women rather than men. Most men are not afraid of being stalked or assaulted by a girl. But anything can happen in this crazy world, so here are my thoughts on the Aussie’s list of ways to be happy and safe with online dating.

Bigger dating sites

  • Weirdos are on all online dating sites, big and small. There are ways to sniff out the weirdos. Find any of my “red flag” related posts and you’ll have a good list of weirdo indicators!
  • Big dating sites generally have big staff. Big staff means all the little things are taken care of – preventing (most) spam, ensuring there’s (little to) no downtime.
  • With small or niche dating sites, you don’t know whether the person you’re interested in actively checks that site for emails or if they put that profile up two years ago and forgot about it. Stick with the big guns for the best results.

Maintaining commonsense when off-site

  • Guys, don’t think you’re invincible. Strange things happen in this world. The last thing you need is a girl who is a razor blade short of being Baker Act-ed knowing where you work, eat, and sleep. Meet in public places and save your vital info for when it’s vital.
  • Keep your head on straight. This isn’t a job interview, this isn’t a do-or-die scenario. It’s a short meeting with a new person who you’d like to know better. If you walk into a date with the attitude that this is a potential new friend, rather than OMG!WHATDOIDOTOMAKEHERWANTTOBEMYGIRLFRIEND?!, you will not only feel much more relaxed, but you will project all sorts of positive vibes in the direction of your lady friend. (See my post (Some) Geeks Are Afraid of Women for more info on this subject.)

Geek friends, you have something great working in your favor. You are smart. You learn things, nay, you LUST for new knowledge. Stick with me and learn the ropes so you can net your own Geek’s Dream Girl.

In tomorrow’s post, I’ll tackle the last subject – being honest in introductory profiles.

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