Dating Profiles: Honesty is the Best Policy

That Aussie article sure gave me a lot of things to write about! I should fly over to thank them and pet a kangaroo.

Be honest in introductory profiles

  • Women lie about weight“Yes, yes we do. I did. I’m a curvy girl, but I didn’t put “curvy” on my profile. Why?”About Average” is a nebulous description, that’s why! I didn’t want to be excluded from searches because a guy didn’t think he wanted a curvy girl. (Once you go curvy, you never go back to scrawny girls!)

    Also, I had a full body picture posted. If a guy clicked my profile and didn’t like the pictures, he could move on. Nobody is hurt.

  • and men [lie] about age“Men in their 20s and 30s tend to be honest. It’s the older gentlemen that tend to list the “year I stepped off the fashion train” age versus the “distance in years since my escape from the womb” age.They do this for the same reason that I fudge my weight description – they don’t want to be eliminated from women’s searches based on their age. Unfortunately guys, once things get serious and she finds out you’ve lied, all bets are off as to whether she’ll trust you about anything (or even keep you around).
  • Men also tend to lie about height.Guys, let me level with you here. Unlike weight, which is hard to hide in full body pictures, height is hard to discern.You meet a girl who thinks you are 5’10″ when you are closer to 5’7″ or 5’8″. She keeps glancing in reflective surfaces when you stand next to each other. You buy her dinner. Then she never calls you back. You’re out thirty or so bucks. Is lying about height worth it?

    There is one acceptable fudge – if you’re 5’11″ you are allowed to claim 6’0″. Some of us (myself included) like ‘em tall, and honestly, 5’11″ is practically 6’0″. I’ll let it slide.

  • Some folks will fudge their educational data (but they are the same folks who will do it on their resume as well!).
  • “Want Kids” is another one that can be deceiving, but only if you’re in the childfree crowd (like myself). Some people will put “someday” when they really mean “probably not.” This is something to sort out pre-first date.

  • “No Answer” – as I mentioned before, make note of the “No Answers” and get some answers after you’ve opened a friendly line of communication.

Honesty is the best policy, geek friends. There are some places where you can fudge a tiny bit and there are places where you can leave “no answer”s, but you want to start out these fledgling friendships on the right foot. As the old saying goes, those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

Happy dating!

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