Blog Carnival Wednesday 3/19 – Geek is Sexy!

Welcome to the March 19, 2008 edition of the geek is sexy carnival.


Adsense Tips presents How to avoid trouble when computer crashes? posted at Glowicki ProBlogger – Blogging Tips, saying, “Use this sites and You will never have computer problems again.”


joe boomer presents Toribash posted at Tech Smartly, saying, “One of my favorite games, very interesting method of control.”

Jigsaw hc presents Army of Two Review posted at Jigsaw hc’s Rants & Reviews

Nelson presents World of Warcraft Gold Guide: Buy-Low Sell-High – Part 1 posted at Warcraft Secrets, saying, “Free five-part guide that teaches you how to make lots of WoW gold, without wasting time soloing instances or grinding on mobs that have a 0.732% chance of dropping epic lootz ;)

Allison presents If Gaming is Ruining Your Relationship, You Lose posted at BingeGamer. Geek’s Dream Girl says, “Best blog post I’ve read all week! I laughed my butt off – mainly because I can relate because I was in one of those relationships once!”


Daniel Lafleche presents The 5 Trends That Make SXSW 2008 the Indie Film Fest You Need to Know About posted at Ipex View, saying, “Geek-fest 2008, also known as SXSW. This snappy article looks at five key trends that dominated at the South By Southwest 2008 Film Festival. From mumblecore to retro-auterism, from fiction to documentary film trends, it’s all here.”


Raymond presents Save Money With Someone Else’s Wireless Internet posted at Money Blue Book.

Random Geekery

Tony Clements presents t u e s d a y s: i know when i’m not wanted posted at tuesdays, saying, “i don’t fit into any of those catagories. never did, never will. oh well.”

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