Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek Girl

10. She has traumatic memories from her K-12 education, or rather, the social interactions from her years before college. Your irrational fear of public bathrooms is not so irrational to her.

9. She’s smart, maybe even smarter than you. When she sees the string of acronyms after your name in your sig file, she gets excited. Conversely, she’ll taunt you when her string is longer.

8. She won’t look at you like you have two heads when you complain about bandwidth, when you scream at your computer, when you’ve taken apart your Xbox, when you start sewing a costume to wear at GenCon…

7. She understands your nutritional needs. She bakes cookies and orders pizza for D&D nights. When you’re playing WoW, she’ll cut your dinner into bite-sized pieces so you can eat and heal the main tank simultaneously.

6. If she doesn’t share your obsession with Star Wars, she at least understands it. The idea of a room wallpapered with figurines intrigues her and she’ll pick up a lightsaber to battle you to determine who takes out the garbage.

5. Geek girls come in all shapes and sizes from pixie to Willendorf goddess. Their hair is spikey, bobbed, down to their waist, or in braids. They are not slaves to fashion, but march to the beat of their own drummer, even if that drummer demands they wear shirts with jokes about counting in binary.

4. She’ll love you for your smarts, and if those smarts net you a lot of cash, that’s just the icing on the cake. (Everyone knows a really good cake doesn’t need icing!) Her intentions are to find a lifemate, not a lifeline. Besides, she’s smart enough to make her own fortune.

3. She loves to learn about anything and everything, so life and love are never vanilla. Nuff said?

2. Her friends are other geek girls, who you can set up with your geek friends. Not only will you be a hero, all those geeks would make a great WoW guild or D&D group!

1. If you’re a geek guy, she’ll trust you. If you’re a regular guy, she has eyes and ears everywhere and when she dumps you, you’ll know why. You won’t be sure of how she figured it out, but if I told you, she wouldn’t be able to do it again. ;-)

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Happy dating, geek friends.

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