You will be furminated!

Geek Friends,

I know my usual topics are dating and D&D, but I just had to share with you this totally awesome product that I bought a few months ago and have been worshiping ever since.

This, my friends, is the Furminator. It is the BEST brush you will ever own for your pet. It comes in sizes ranging from small (cats) to extra large (horse). Pick the size that best suits your fur baby. I have two cats, DJ and Mr. P, who will gladly coat my beautiful purple Salvation Army couch in fur. It got frustrating having to vacuum my couch every few days if I wanted it to remain purple.Then I saw the Furminator demo video. Holy fur, Batman!

I ordered one immediately and have loved it ever since. I even bring it to my friends’ houses and Furminate their cats. DJ loves being Furminated. Mr. P. likes it in small doses, but he’s the same way with being pet/held. If I’m on his timetable, we’re all good.

Here are some pictures (courtesy of my LG enV) of the furball I brushed out of DJ this afternoon:

And here is that furball and the almighty Furminator next to a standard issue pen.
This is a small furball compared to what I normally can get out of him. He was squirmy today.Other benefits besides hairless furniture? Fewer hairballs (aka less barfing). Also, for those geeks with mild allergies, getting that dead fur out of the cat’s undercoat promotes good skin health and less dander. Less dander means less burning eyes, less stuffy nose, etc. It’s totally worth it, just like the Death Star.Aren’t your pets worth the best technology has to offer them?

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