Why you SHOULDN’T use Facebook or Myspace for Online Dating

Found this article by Victor Williamson and just had to put in my two cents.

The only people who should be using Facebook or Myspace for trolling for a date on Saturday night are high school and college students. Facebook makes this fairly easy with their networks. However, those of us who are older and wiser only show our profiles to people we know and trust. There’s just too much at risk to put your entire world out there for everyone and anyone to see.

For those of us in the professional world, social networks are not the place to find your date. Dating services like match.com are where it’s at! Let me use Mr. Williamson’s arguments for using social networking sites and show you why those in the know leave Myspace and Facebook for friends and turn to the experts for dating:

1. Time Commitment- The greatest time commitment in online dating is creating your profile, collecting up good pictures, etc etc. After that, you can spend 15 “smart minutes” a day working towards finding your ideal match. (More on “smart minutes” on Thursday.) Besides, aren’t we all surgically attached to our laptops, geek friends?

2. Member Base - Yes, there are millions of people on Myspace and Facebook. The vast majority of them are under the age of 25. With match.com, you’re assured that users are at least 18. They’re almost equally divided between under-30s and over-30s. There is a smaller member base than social networking sites, but you are assured that the people there are of age and interested in finding a match – just like you!

3. Social Tools- This is another area where dating sites are growing. All have email options, but many are expanding to chat, and some even to voice chat or webcam chat. Some sites, such as Plenty of Fish, offer message boards.

4. First Impressions – I can agree that generally people are more honest on their Myspace/Facebook than they are on their dating profiles. This is why I advocate extensive googling (one of my favorite things to do!). Remind me and I’ll write about that later, too!

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