Smart Minutes: How to Find Dates in 3/4 Time!

Smart MinutesWe’re all busy people these days, so how do you find time to look for love? It’s easy if you use the tools that provides all of its members.

The first step to using your Smart Minutes is setting up your custom searches. Of course, these are things you need to do after you have created and posted your best profile!


1) Click the Search button at the top of the main page.

2) Scroll down and begin to fill out the form below. Imagine your absolute DREAM GIRL. If you could build a woman from scratch who would be your perfect mate, who would she be? Customize your heart out. (If you had a holodeck, who would your lady friend on the holodeck be?) Click the box next to “Save this search and name it and name this search accordingly – DREAM GIRL.

Your dream girl search will most likely give you very few results. Let’s face it, when we’re being super idealistic, it’s going to be hard to find many people who fit that description close to home.

3) If you are feeling adventurous (and I was!), re-save this ideal mate search but stretch the search radius to the entire country. At the very best, you’ll find your soulmate. At the very worst, you’re no worse off than you are right now (and you may pick up a few pen pals or business connections!).

4) Now, go back and edit out the pickiest of your ideals. Is it really imperative that she’s a redhead? Does she have to like reptiles? Would it be okay if she was just liberal and not bleeding-heart liberal? Would you be cool with driving an hour to see someone instead of 20 minutes? Save this search as your secondary search.

5) Your searches are ready! Let the Smart Minutes Begin!


Spend no more than 15 minutes per day searching, reading and writing emails on You have a real life, be involved in that.

1) On your front page, select your pickiest local search.

2) On the right, select “Details View” and sort by username. Update.

3) Set your timer for 15 minutes.

4) Read the profiles – yes, all of them. If a profile immediately turns you off, click “Block from Search”. This great feature allows you to remove this person from ever showing up in your searches again. It saves you time because the more days you “work” (15 minutes a day!) the fewer profiles you will have to read.

5) If someone interests you, drop them an email. DO NOT WINK. Read my post “Why Aren’t the Women Beating Down Your Door?” for tips and tricks about writing a short and sweet email that gets a reply!

6) If you run out of people on your pickiest search and still have time, move to the next search. When your time is up, make a note of the username where you left off. On your next session, start there.


Indeed, Geek Friends, your success in the world of online dating depends greatly on numbers. Many of us are very familiar with numbers. (I’m a musician, I can count to 4.)

If you can send out even 1 email to a new person each day, that’s 7 connections per week, and 30-31 connections per month. All you need is one bite.

Happy dating, Geek Friends!

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