Drow vs. Drow – suggestions?

Drow vs. DrowNow, you’ve all known Mar’Kessa for a while. She pretty much hates everyone, even Frank, who had saved her from death. At the moment, she is without family, so has attached herself to the adventuring group so that she can stay alive and accumulate some knowledge and loot while deciding what to do with her life. (When would an elf have a mid-life crisis?)

Our new party member is going to be another drow, but not just any drow.

He’s a Sulatar – the ones that stood by the giant slavemasters during the elf uprising. Mar’Kessa’s ancestors were part of that uprising and she grew up hearing about how awful giants were to the drow. The idea of a drow worshiping giants disgusts her to no end. The new guy is an outcast from that tribe, but Mar’Kessa has no plans on giving him a chance to explain himself.

At the moment, I don’t plan on Mar’Kessa talking to this other drow, helping him, or listening to him. If he’s seriously injured, she may look at him, but only to laugh and maybe spit on him.

I am also pondering having Mar’Kessa “miss” targets and hit him with an arrow or two. “Oops, did my arrow just go out of my bow at a 90 degree angle? How did THAT happen?” I won’t even roll Bluff because it’ll be painfully obvious that she’s being sarcastic.

Any other ideas for things Mar’Kessa might do to show her utter loathing of the new party member? My DM is all about conflict between party members, and Mar’Kessa is ready to bring it!!

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