e’s Soapbox: “There is no more vulnerable person than someone who wants to fall in love and find a mate”… except maybe a stupid person.

People are stupid. People looking for love can be some of the most stupid people around. So when I started reading articles like this about legislation to prevent people from being sweetheart swindled online, I wanted to smack someone. Can our legislation focus on something more important, like perhaps finding ways to better fund our education system? We have 17-year-olds who can’t read in this country – but God forbid Granny loses $500…

This legislation would require dating sites to prominently post whether or not they do background checks on their members and also post safety tips for online daters. Many sites already comply with this in varying degrees. Match.com does not background check and has several tips for keeping safe. There are services like True.com that do background checks, but they have always marketed it as “be sure he’s not married” checks, not “be sure he’s not a convicted felon” checks.

Now, I do feel bad for defenseless old ladies who don’t know that the internet is a scary place full of less that virtuous people. But these old ladies get swindled by telemarketers all the time, and I don’t see a bill being pushed through to require telemarketers to announce whether or not they’ve been background checked by the Better Business Bureau.

The bill itself doesn’t anger me. What angers me is the fact that Florida is spending money (and the legislators’ time = money) debating this insanity when we’ve just had to lay off 16 teachers at my school (and all schools in my county have had similar layoffs).

How about this? We can set up a sweetheart scam that swindles money from horny government officials (and we all know there are plenty of those!) and donate the money to the schools! Who’s with me?

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