YouTube Goodies: The Guild

I found these videos by way of the CreativeJuices7 D&D PSAs videos. (See my post here about those videos which are totally hilarious.)The premise of these videos is a group of guildies in a nameless MMORPG (which mixes references to a bunch of other MMORPGs). Pysch majors, pull out your DSM-IV, you’ll be able to diagnose tons of personality disorders in these characters.My absolute favorite moments? The abuse that Clara’s kids go through – from losing their nanny (and mom not noticing), to being penned in the kitchen, to chewing on power strips, to being locked in a dog kennel by Tink (and her turning the fan on when the dirty diaper smell gets too strong). It’s sad, but hilarious at the same time.

Keep it up, The Guild! You all are awesome!

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