Comment Fest: What are your running gags / inside jokes / etc?

Ha ha ha ha ha!  It is to laugh. Every group of friends has a few jokes that just keep popping up over and over.

I am that person who unfortunately always either takes the joke one step too far or beats the horse far beyond death (perhaps into undeath?).

That being said, what have been some of the running gags, inside jokes, etc in your campaigns – past and present?

Some of my favorites from our Eberron campaign:

  • “Weast” – We are always disoriented when it comes to direction, so instead of going through all the possible options, we will announce that we are headed weast.
  • The celestial bee incident. We miss you, Frank.
  • Uncle Teeth and Bubbles. Again, a Frank creation (but not something Mar’Kessa knows about, which is why you are also in the dark). I’m still waiting on Frank to settle in with his new job so he can write me up the beginning of our campaign from Frank’s point of view. I’ll post it as soon as I get it!
  • Magic Fingers, the story of how we replaced Frank with a guy from craigslist.

…that’s about all I can think of for now. It’s nearly 4 am. Spent an awesome day playing Rock Band with my geek and his old college buddies. Discovered that I kick some major butt on bass. However, now my sinuses have decided to revolt and I can’t sleep. Any insomniacs want to keep me company? (d20dreamgirl on AIM)

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