Blog Carnival – Geek is Sexy – April 9, 2008

Welcome to the April 9, 2008 edition of geek is sexy carnival.

e’s Weekly Picks – NEW!

Every week I’ll post links to my favorite posts from the various feeds I… (ingest?) on a daily basis. I hope you find them as awesome as I have!

Ain’t It Cool News presents Star Wars Gangsta Rap (lyrics NSFW). The parts with Yoda are terrifyingly hilarious.

Graham at Critical Ankle Bites presents Pathfinder 8. I laughed out loud about the bard and his confusion… and the flying bathtub.

Yax at Dungeon Mastering presents a quiz on plot hooks. I win! He also has a new project which is fun for wasting time – check out Cuddle Monsters!

Design & Development (aka EDITING – WE RULE!) for Wizards of the Coast announced the new and shorter versions of spells. From 125 lines of text to 10? Wow.

Phil at Musings of the Chatty DM presents Chatty on 4e: Retro-Stupid vs…. well, Retro-Stupid. Will 4e be retro-stupid? You be the judge!

Stupid Ranger presents Chemistry for D&D and Dante followed it up with one about chemistry from a DM’s standpoint.

EDIT!: Want to win 3 Mario games for Wii? Check out this contest at BingeGamer. It’s easy to enter!

Finally, posts like this are why I love XKCD.




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