Diary of a Drow, Day 19

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OOC: We last left our adventurers asleep in the room at the bottom of the “prison of the giant”. Mar’Kessa had successfully retrieved an orb from the first room. She’s not happy about having a Sulatar in the party, but has realized that essentially she has kidnapped him, so there isn’t much she can do other than kill him or let him be useful and then kill him. Either way, this is the same gaming session as 16-18, guest starring my geek as Oko the wimpy kobold cleric.

Hakim spends the morning throwing the lever back and forth and watching the ramp extend up and down. We explore the other hallways and find them identical to the first – square rooms with two slots – one with an orb, one without.

It was then that the prison made perfect sense to me. Each room held one orb for a total of 4 orbs. Two orbs must be necessary to unlock each room, since my removal of the orb in the first room did nothing. The bottom chamber had five slots, one of which was occupied by the orb that the gnoll had in his mango bag. (I’m not entirely sure where he got it, but he was all up on the dryad while she was dying, so who knows.)

Four rooms. Four orbs. Bottom room has five slots. In total there are five orbs. It took me a while to explain this higher order mathematics to my party. They begin to argue whether or not they want to release anything, even if the book says the forces are weaker while separated.

While they argue, I begin to work at disabling to slot where the gnoll had inserted the first orb. The “should we / shouldn’t we” battle rages on. I turn from my work and point out that either we release one or crawl out of this hole and find something else to do. The house of Dennith is attracted to power. That’s why they attacked the Siberys kobold village. It stands to reason that there is something equally powerful here and whatever it is, I want to find it before they do.

The orb pops out and I toss it in my bag. The argument continues and now the burning philosophical question is whether we should hide an orb somewhere above ground just in case we fail at destroying whatever primordial force we unlock.

I walk up the ramp will full intention of sticking both orbs into the holes to see what happens. The gnoll follows me, but Hakim throws the lever and we fall to the ground. Or rather, the gnoll falls. I wasn’t sure this ring would come in so handy, but it has.

I conk Hakim in the head with an orb.

Name asks the Sulatar if he knows of any giants that can come help us. (OVER MY DEAD BODY!!) He begins to stutter uncontrollably. Something about reasons, things, situation…. “Short answer,” he manages to spit out. “No, I don’t.”

Perhaps his salacious deeds were not satisfying to his masters. Pity. He has such a pretty mouth.

We go up to the second room and while I am working at disabling the orb, the casters explore the other rooms and try to determine what kind of force is trapped in each one. When they come back, they announce that from bottom to top, the rooms are Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. I pop out the orb and Hakim runs to the surface to hide it. Hakim is adept at hiding himself, so it stands to reason he’d find a good place to store the orb. (I just hope his squirrel-like intelligence doesn’t result in a case of a missing orb later.)

We return to the first room and prepare for a fight with the force of Fire. As soon as the second orb clicks into the slot, heat begins to emanate from the walls. A ten foot rune appears on the floor and a voice in draconic announces:

“In five seconds, the elemental will be free.”

The kobold’s eyes grow to the size of dinner plates and he retreats into the corner. A large fire elemental appears in the center of the room. It is surrounded by four smaller fire elementals. “Where’s the Master?” the bonfire asks. The gnoll taunts it and misses terribly. He doesn’t fight so well when he’s angry.

My poor fighting skills continue. I manage to kill one of the smaller elementals before the string on my bow snaps. I pull a throwing axe from my bag and hurl it at the bonfire and finally hit. The kobold sidesteps along the wall, shaking uncontrollably as he heals Name and the gnoll.

Name lands the final blow and as the bonfire disintegrates it laments, “I never got to Master.” With two loud clanks, the orbs fall from the holes and hit the ground.

We retreat back to the bottom chamber, orbs in hand, and make camp. All that arguing wasted a lot of time. I hope that the others from the House Dennith are not on the way to find their colleague. I restring my bow and find a place in the corner where I make my bed and sleep. Perhaps when we’re done with the elementals, we can lock the Sulatar in the bottom chamber with the giant and they can live together for eternity.

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