Character Study: Thrill-Seeking Adventurer

Geek Friends, this new venture is to help those of you who love to roleplay, but find yourself stuck in the same character type in every game. Or, alternatively, your character has one defining characteristic, which you beat into the ground until your party is tired of hearing about your elf’s foot fetish or how the six-fingered man killed your father.

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I’ll be stretching my creative side (good/fun for me!) and you’ll be getting some ideas for characters you might want to incorporate in your campaigns.

At the end of each post, there will be polls where you can choose the best race and class for the character. Let’s see if great geek minds think alike!

Now… let’s meet our first character… starting with an easy type… you may know him already….

Thrill-Seeking Adventurer

What he looks like & does:

  • stands tall, walks with purpose
  • well-dressed and groomed
  • strong, low-pitched voice
  • serves as the face & voice of the group
  • makes and maintains eye contact
  • very charismatic and friendly
  • is always at the front of the marching order or in the center of the action
  • always has control of the conversation
  • when “relaxing”, locks his hands together behind his head and leans back, surveying “his group”


The TSA’s primary motivation in life is to feel like a champion. Always living life on the edge, the TSA has boundless energy and does not understand when his* party members need silly things like rest or sleep. TSA becomes a leader because he voices his opinions louder than the rest. He doesn’t need followers, but loves having them. Fiercely competitive, the TSA is the type who will keep tally of his kills and measure the length of his… battle scars.

At his best:

With his friendly and outgoing personality, the TSA is a natural entertainer. He’s the life of any party with all his stories.

Sticks and stones might hurt his bones, but words don’t faze him. (Well, unless those words are about what a great adventurer he is!)

He’s confident in his skills, never doubting himself. The TSA is always assertive in nature, especially when he knows he is in the right.

His self-assuredness is very sexy – the TSA never has a problem wooing members of the opposite sex.

Going it alone is no cause for distress, in fact, when he works alone, he can be sure that he gets ALL the glory for his conquests.

At his worst:

The better he knows you, the worse he treats you. Acquaintances sing his praises, but his party members hate him more the longer they know him because he will bark orders, taunt people for not being as good as him, and push people out of the way. Hostile and disagreeable, he doesn’t keep allies for very long.

The TSA will do anything to get the glory, even if that means doing things that would otherwise be considered immoral, illegal, or just plain evil. “Guilty? Why should I feel guilty for burning down that orphanage? Didn’t we get what we wanted?

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, the TSA will make poor judgments when his confidence crosses the line into cockiness. If he dies in battle, it will undoubtedly be because he bit off more than he could chew.

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What are your biggest problems when online dating? (Select as many as apply to you.)

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* gender pronouns are randomly assigned. This could easily be a “she” as well.

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