Marriage Proposals: Geek Style!


Why get down on one knee in the location of your first date when you can make history? Here are some folks who popped the question in true geek style.

At Geek Events

In a Video Game

  • Bejeweled Game Proposal – This guy programmed a version of his girlfriend’s favorite game, Bejeweled, for the DS. When she got to a certain score, a ring appeared with a message – “Marry Me?


Mac Geeks

  • Custom Engraved iPod – This guy had a shiny black Nano engraved with his proposal message. My favorite part of this is his headline: “rings you can return but an iPod is forever!


  • Time-Lapse Movie Outside Apple – Apple had a time lapse video of outside their Fifth Avenue store in NYC. This guy stood out there with his signs and got his proposal on Apple’s website. Mac geeks are pretty die-hard. Video goodness at the link page.

  • Fake iPhone commercial – Wow. Mac Geeks are hardcore.

On the Big Bad Intertubes

  • Proposal by Search Engine – Ask Jeeves and he just might let you in on the story.
  • On Slashdot! – CmdrTaco proposes in front of a quarter million strangers.
  • Twitter Engagement – Ok, I would honestly kill my boyfriend if he proposed over the internet. Yes, we’re in a long distance relationship. But seriously, some things should be done in person!
  • Stuff on My Cat – This was probably the cutest proposal ever. Nothing says love like a ring on a fat cat.
  • A Jedi Proposes – Wow. Just wow. The picture says it all:


By Getting All Your Geek Friends To Help…. PRICELESS!

  • The League of Extraordinary Web Comic Artists! – This one is pretty dang cool… and contains the work of Ursula Vernon, Scott Kurtz, Greg Holkan, David Willis, Rich Burlew, Peter Venables, Josh Lesnick, Chris Crosby, Howard Tayler, Kristofer Straub, Frank “Damonk” Cormier, Brad Guigar, Darren “Gav” Bleuel, Jon Rosenberg, Shaenon Garrity, Meaghan Quinn, and Randy Milholland.

Married geeks… how did YOU propose?

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