Star Wars Saga Edition: Meet Tosca Kys

Tosca Kys

Tosca Kys

Noble, Level 1
Age: 25

STR – 10
DEX – 10
CON – 10
INT – 13
WIS – 12
CHA – 18

Deception (9)
Gather Information (9)
Knowledge: Social Science (6)
Perception (5)
Persuasion (14)
Treat Injury (6)
Use the Force (9)

Weapon Prof: Pistols, Simple
Skill Focus: Persuasion
Force Sensitivity


Languages: Basic, Huttese, Binary, Kushiban

About Zeltrons (from Legacy of the Force)

Zeltron Species Traits

Abilities: –2 Con, –2 Wisdom, +4 Cha. Zeltrons are charismatic and gregarious, but their indulgent nature sometimes leads them to act before thinking.

Medium Size: As Medium creatures, Zeltrons have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Speed: Zeltron base speed is 6 squares.

Conditional Bonus Feat: A Zeltron that has Persuasion as a trained skill gains Skill Focus (Persuasion) as a bonus feat.

Zeltron Empathy: Zeltrons are naturally empathic. As a free action, a Zeltron may make a Perception check opposed by a target’s Will Defense. If successful, the Zeltron may discover the target’s attitude toward him or her, as well as the target’s general emotional state. The target cannot detect this check.

Intuitive Initiative: Zeltrons are known for their quick reactions. A Zeltron may choose to reroll any Initiative check, but the result of the reroll must be accepted, even if it is worse.

Automatic Languages: Zeltrons speak Basic.

About Tosca

Tosca is pretty much a Star Wars version of Inara from Firefly. Inara was by far my favorite character on the series. So, you’ll see a pretty strong resemblance between Tosca and Inara. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Tosca will have her own diary, much like Mar’Kessa’s. Stay tuned for Companion’s Log!

Thanks to the following folks at ENworld who have been helping me out with my character creation: pawsplay, Blackrat, arscott, Donovan Morningfire, Nifft, and MrFilthyIke.

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