Diary of a Drow, Day 20 (afternoon) – 21 (morning)

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OOC: We last left our adventurers in the room at the bottom of the prison of the giant. They had killed the earth elemental and were taking a breather after a tough fight.

While the gnoll, the naga, and Name go up to the surface to do some hunting, I take the book from the kobold and sit down to read. It’s comforting to read something that’s not in Giant, even if I don’t glean any information we don’t already know form the book.

Salacious comes over, his sissy-boy hair shining from a recent grooming.

I seem to remember… a mango… being thrown at my head. Remember that clearly.

I raise an eyebrow.

He continues. “Can we call a truce? We need each other to survive this.

I agree that we need each other, but point out that I don’t have to like him. He mutters something under his breath as we walks away. I go back to the book and read until nightfall.

The next morning, we gear up for the fight with the water elemental. An argument ensues about whether the water elemental will disappear through the holes in the floor and whether we should spend three days sealing the floor with tree sap before the fight. Let’s just say I’m glad we didn’t.

Name and the gnoll pop in the orbs.

In five seconds, the elemental will be free.

Water rises out of the holes in the floor, creating a large puddle in the middle of the room and four small ones around it, one right under Hakim’s feet. He stabs at the floor, misses, and tumbles out of the way. Salacious blasts one of the smaller ones with a spell and it dissipates immediately.

The water covers our feet and is moving towards the hall. A thin metal slab is rising up from the floor at the door. At least when it closes the room, I’ll be on the outside. I shoot arrows at the smaller elementals, getting a few good hits. The kobold backs up and stands behind me. He’s such a wimp.

The naga slams his massive tail down over the door, trying to stop it. Hakim jabs his sword into the gap where the door meets the ground. Neither effort stops the rising door.

Salacious puffs out his chest and shouts at the elemental:

I’m a never-ending font of arcane energy! You’re a fool to mess with me!

I nearly lose grip on my bow when I double over in laughter.

The kobold is splashing about in the water next to me, screaming in Draconic. “Door’s coming up! Door’s coming up! Door’s coming up! Oko’s gonna die!” I slap him upside the head. He stops for a minute and then resumes the same spiel in Giant. Great, now he’s annoying EVERYONE. I slap him again.

The water is up to my knees and the door only slightly higher. I look up and into the room just in time to see the Naga get sucked down into a whirlpool.

“Anyone who breathes air, we are LEAVING!” Hakim says.

The gnoll is biting the water like an angry dog and gets engulfed in the whirlpool with the naga. The kobold pokes his head over the door and looks at them swirling around. “Um guys?” he peeps. “What are we gonna do?

Hakim, Name, and I continue to shoot at the elemental. Salacious levitates high into the air over the whirlpool. The Naga stabs at the whirlpool and right where the dagger sticks, the water splits and begins to flow away. The orbs plop into the pool of water and sink the ground. The door stops rising.

My pants are wet,” Salacious whines. “Do you know how much this suit cost?

I ponder estimating the cost in number of salacious deeds done on giants, but I don’t bother. The kobold tosses off his robes, jumps into the room, and takes a swim.

I’m going to go bask,” the Naga says, and slithers away. Basking is not on my agenda. I head back to the lower chamber, where I wring out my armor as best I can and dry off.

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