Diary of a Drow – Day 21 – 22

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OOC: We last left our adventurers in the room at the bottom of the prison of the giant. They had killed the water elemental and were wringing out their armor or basking in the sun. The idea of basking in the sun doesn’t appeal to Drow.

The fourth elemental (in case your powers of deduction are less than stellar, the only one left is Air) was the same old, same old. Orbs, Five seconds, “Where is Master?“. I sink an arrow into the center of one of the smaller elementals. The large one hits the Naga hard. I am again happy that I choose to stay back away from the action. The smaller elementals go down quickly.

Salacious lands a huge hit on the larger elemental. It shoots jets of smoke at at us. The wind picks up the naga’s mace and throws it across the room. Name and the naga get pulled into the whirlwind. This looks familiar. The whirlwind becomes a tornado and the two of them are swirling up in the air. Twenty feet of snake swirling round and around.

I… hate… ele….mentals!” he says.

The elemental moves back towards the center of the room. I hit it and feel the tornado trying to pull me in, but I hold my ground. It keeps pulling at me. Salacious gets off a spell and the tornado disappears and its captives fall to the ground.

Salacious walks over to the gnoll. “So your holy quest is to destroy this giant?

The gnoll looks a bit scared. “… kill the prisoners,” he grunts.

Salacious shows the gnoll his ring. “Destroying this giant will be my holy quest too. I’m either right or I’m dead. I’ll do everything to help you in this holy battle.

The gnoll thanks him awkwardly. “Good fighting. Thanks for saving our butts.

We make camp for the night. I am nervous about fighting this giant, but eager to see something beyond this hole.

The morning starts with the gnoll dragging the prisoner to the room we had been using for our waste products. “Poop-i-torium,” he says.

Meanwhile, Hakim is smearing warpaint on his body. He puts on a tribal mask – ivory and red with feathers. He looks pretty fearsome for someone so short.

We take down the ramp to prevent the giant from escaping and then take our positions at the four points of the circle, with Name and the Naga in the center. The gnoll pops in the five orbs. A huge black giant appears, covered in full plate armor and wielding a giant axe. A cloud of black smoke surrounds him.

You… freed me…” it says, looking a bit disoriented.

You talk,” the gnoll points at Salacious. “You! You! You!

Salacious begins to stutter uncontrollably. “So you’re…. you’re… you’re….

Hakim strides forward. “Prisoner of the dragons, you’ve bee trapped here thousands of years and now we’re going to execute your sentence – DEATH!

He shoots and the arrow sticks just over the giant’s eye. “You are mine!” Hakim shouts.

The giant smiles. “Breakfast.” It reaches into a pouch and pours dust over itself.

The gnoll creates balls of fire on his paws and throws one at the giant. It sails past, missing. I cast Faerie Fire on the giant. Perhaps we’ll hit it better if it’s glowing purple.

I am the vengeance of a millenia of oppressed people!” Salacious screams. What? I have no idea what he means by this… or why he’s fighting a giant.

The giant reaches into his pouch again. This time the powder he sprinkles on his axe causes it to burst into flames. Great.

I sidestep along the wall and shoot again and again. Hakim sinks an arrow deep within the plates of his armor. The Giant takes two strides towards Hakim, shaking the ground as he moves. He swings his greataxe, barely missing Hakim. I feel the force of the wind and am hit with the dust and gravel it stirs up from the ground. I cast Darkness to encompass myself, Hakim, and Name. With a swing like that, I don’t need him being able to see us.

I feel the wind again as it makes another mighty swing at Hakim, missing again. I hear the Naga cry out in pain and smell burning flesh. I shoot from out of the darkness. Hakim steps out of the edge of the darkness and the giant makes a swing at him for a third time and almost drops his axe.

I hear fire crackle through the air and the giant howl in pain.

The kobold scuttles into the darkness in front of me and drops to his knees. “Thank you Siberys,” he prays. “Thank you.” I think I smell a hint of urine. I continue to shoot at the giant as the kobold does a joyous dance in his soiled loincloth. I try not to gag.

I hear the sickening sound of an axe cleaving through bones and flesh. Then there was a great cry from the giant and a thud that shook the ground. I come out of the darkness and see the gnoll, split in two, his lifeless body lying next to the giant’s.

We stop for a moment and look at the gnoll’s body. His quest was complete, but he wouldn’t see the results of his work.

Hakim cuts out the giant’s heart and breaks off one of its ribs.

I’m gonna make a bow out of this,” he says.

We cut the armor apart to salvage usable parts. The naga takes the axe, which is a bit too big for him.

We bury the gnoll under the dryad’s fallen tree. It’s where he would want to be. I sit by his grave and pull a mango from my bag. When no one is looking, I kiss the mango and place it by his grave. Goodbye, gnoll. You really stood for something; you had something to fight for. I have nothing.

We hear the roaring sound of fire approaching. The airship flies low over our heads casting a dark shadow over us. The prisoner snickers and says something in a snide tone of voice.

Bring it,” Hakim says to him. “I’m not afraid.

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