e’s Feed Favorites – 4/23/2008

Eat some tasty morsels from my favorite feeds!


Phil at Chatty DM has a rather amusing/disturbing post about potions, including pondering whether toilets glow with a magic aura after you… release (?) used potion into them.

Graham at Critical Ankle Bites answers a burning question about being charming. Or, well, casting Charm. Same deal, right?

I found this fun toy through Yax at DungeonMastering. Click “make more” over and over again and you too can have a 4e feat like “Bull Tentacle Strength”. *blink* Bull tentacle? Ew.

Jonathan at d20 Source posts about the Art of War and how to apply it to your D&D encounters.

For those under a rock, you might want to check out the bit on 4e D&D on G4. But really, if you haven’t seen it yet, you are behind the times and I need your geek license back.

GamingReport posts about True Dungeon tickets for GenCon, which went on sale on the 20th. I have mine, do you have yours?

Geeks are Sexy presents 10 Cool Gadgets Every Geek Should Want. It’s a pretty neat list. I have to admit that I’ve been lusting over ThinkGeek’s LED faucet light for a long time.

Now, I’m not a Halo player, but I enjoy Hawty McBloggy‘s posts. This one is particularly awesome. She takes the top 10 Halo pickup lines and translates them into foreign languages and then back into English. Hilarity ensues.

Neatorama had a cute graphic that shows why glasses make the man.

Shamus of TwentySided announces that his baby plugin, Wavatars, is all grown up and part of Gravatars now. I love Wavatars! That’s why I use them – they’re too cute.

Wizards of the Coast has a new Star Wars book coming out in May. Threats of the Galaxy will include creatures, stats, tactics, and all sorts of great ideas for GMs and players alike. That, and the front cover is pretty awesome. I can only imagine what the inside will look like.

That concludes this week’s Feed Favorites. I hope you’re full of geeky goodness.

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