Action Points… or Meta-Gaming Points?

image by Suviko on FlickrI read an interesting post at ENworld about Action Point systems and found myself really agreeing with the ideas that Jeff had in the post.

We have action points in our Eberron game and while I’ve been told it makes the game more “pulp”, I really have just grinned and nodded and thought to myself, “How?”

I just don’t see it.

What I do see happening is this:

We spend a round of fighting Monster A. We figure out vaguely what the AC of Monster A is… so in round two, when you are a few points away from hitting that AC, you roll an action point. It’s more about numbers than “pulp.”

Jeff’s suggestion is to roll a d10 for the action point and roll it WITH the d20 for the action /save in question. This eliminates the meta-gaming of “I just need 2 more to hit!” and makes it fit in better with a “pulp” style. Your character is putting in the extra effort to make that hit. You may still miss, but you’ll miss gloriously. And if you hit… woot!

Anyway, what do you think?

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