Companion’s Log: The Start of Something New

ToscaMy name is Tosca Kys. If you’re reading this, congratulations, you’ve found my diary. That means either you’re sneaky or I am dead. I’m not sure which one I should hope it is, but either way, hello.

I grew up on the planet Zeltros, a world of unbridled pleasure and happiness. I was everyone’s favorite child. Neighbors wanted to adopt me into their families. I always talked to strangers because they always talked to me. I did well in my school studies and still remember the day when we received notification from the Academy of Companions that I was being recruited as a student there. I was 12. I think my parents were more excited than I was – their daughter, a companion!! Zeltros is a planet that values pleasure above all, so for their daughter to be among the elite was an honor.

At the Academy, I was trained in history, psychology, social sciences, self-defense, and of course, the art of seduction. Because I was in the top 5% of my class, I was given special tutoring in the use of the Force. I have to admit my favorite classes were those in psychology; I love to learn how other people think. I was made a licensed companion at the age of 18 and have been pleasing my clients ever since.

Now that I have turned 25, I have been sent off Zeltros on a mission to recruit new clients (and perhaps young girls with the potential to be companions!) from around the galaxy. Only the Force-trained companions are allowed to undertake these missions because we are better able to defend ourselves than the others. Even still, I have hired a bodyguard, a Kushiban female named Asoni.

Over several weeks before we departed on our journey, I learned the basics of her language so we could communicate covertly. Sadly, I am not able to change my skin color the way she is able to change her fur! Wouldn’t that be fun?

Asoni is on a mission to get revenge on the ones who killed her tribe. She’s very skilled with computers and due to her small size and sneaky nature, she looks very much like a cat or bunny when curled up in my arms or around my neck. She even wears a tiny dress – so cute! – under which she hides and even tinier blaster. I didn’t know blasters came that small!

Either way, we get along well. She will be an asset to me as a bodyguard and my social standing will give her access to places she ordinarily wouldn’t be able to go. Did I mention she’s very intelligent? She is! We have some great conversations and I anticipate her being a wonderful travel companion.

We’re on the way to the cityship orbiting the planet Arbor at the moment. I have some clients awaiting me when I arrive. Ah, the life of a traveling companion!

Places to go, things to see, people to do!

(OOC: If there’s an artist in the house who’d like to do a better likeness of Tosca – and/or Mar’Kessa! – I’d be forever in your debt and provide link love to your portfolio/website each time I use the image.)

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