Companion’s Log: Fight at the Stargaze Cantina

GM’s Notes:

Chapter 1: Factions

The galaxy has been at war for almost a millennium. Opposing forces battle for supremacy on a daily basis. Yesterday’s republic is today’s rebellion, and today’s empire might be tomorrow’s savior.

At the heart of the conflict lies the Force and those who wield it. The Jedi have tried to maintain galactic order at all costs, but are constantly beset by their ancient enemies, the Sith, the voice of the body politic, and in their darkest days, each other.

Today, power rests in the hands of the Vol Empire, and though its name might evoke shadows of the past, it has led a kind, if brief, rule. Yet even now forces young and old conspire against it, plotting to hasten their turn in the seat of power…

The Cast: PC’s

  • Tosca Kys – Zeltron Noble of the House of Companions
  • Breel Vorlorn – Jedi mercenary
  • Zaragoza (Zara) – Devaronian Force Prodigy of the Order of Explorers
  • Naveed Stryker – heavily-armored bountyhunter of questionable species
  • Asoni – Kushiban technology expert/bodyguard of Tosca

The Cast: NPC’s

  • Baraqq, the Rastavaq (multi-limbed alien)
  • Alduin Tos, the Arkanian noble (Breel and Tosca’s employer)
  • Bereg Foxst, director of the GAG expedition (Zara’s colleague)
  • Grand Moff Ordo Thrace, guest of honor

Companion’s Log


ToscaThe planet Arbor is beautiful, but I’ve been told by my clients that it is only beautiful from orbit. The surface is mostly swamp and not at all hospitable. I’ve been here on the city ship for about a week with Asoni and have had a steady flow of requests for my services. It has been a while since a companion was on board. It feels great to have my choice of clients each morning, afternoon, evening. I have met quite a few interesting characters and a couple who have needed me for a boost to their sagging self-esteem.

This afternoon’s client was one of the latter. We met for a drink at the Stargaze Cantina, which had quickly become one of my favorites due to the excellent view from the bar. My client is a human named Yan, who tries to mask his fear by telling stories about his tough job as an Imperial officer. Unfortunately, most of the stories end with him realizing he can’t tell me the rest without revealing classified information. I take his hands, rub them gently, and assure him that I wouldn’t have chosen him for a client if I did not think him worthy of my services.

Boring,” I hear Asoni purr in her language.

Just then the door to the cantina busts open and a creature with multiple flailing arms runs in, screaming bloody murder. Chasing it is a suit of armor with a giant gun.

Asoni says, “Let’s be careful, something is running around out here.

A fight in a cantina isn’t exactly rare and seeing that we are in the corner and not in the line of fire, we stay put and watch. A brown-haired human flips over the bar and takes cover behind it. The bar immediately becomes more crowded as those who were at the tables in the open area run from the blaster fire.

Shots are being exchanged between the suit of armor and the alien. Everyone has backed away except for the Krayts. They are ex-sith, bald humanoids with blue tattoos. I’m not sure what these humanoids are really called, but everyone on the ship refers to them as the Krayts and the consensus is that they are thugs.

There goes the neighborhood,” I sigh to Asoni. “Maybe we should retire to our quarters.” My date is already on his comlink, trying to find a way to leave.

In the midst of the blaster fire, a female Devaronian pulls out a video camera, moves forward, and begins filming the multi-armed alien. The alien seems both terrified and highly annoyed. I am worried that this inquisitive furry creature is going to be shot while filming her news story. It certainly isn’t wise to put oneself in the midst of blaster fire.

Asoni tells me that the armored creature is a professional bounty hunter of some sort. She ducks beneath my skirt, peeking around at the action.

One thug pulls out a blade. The alien begins firing at the thugs as well, but misses and takes a blade to the face. The bountyhunter fires and misses the alien, but hits a bystander waiting for the turbolift. He drops to the floor, stunned. The turbolift controls emit black smoke.

Bartender!” I hear someone shout. The bartender droid wheels out from the back room and over to the brown-haired man.

What will you have today?” it asks.

The man sighs. “A droid,” he mutters. “I’ll have a root beer.

Certainly, sir.

The thug tries to grab the alien, but can’t get a grip on any of its multiple limbs.

Yan tugs at my arm. “Let’s try to get to the turbolifts,” he says. His eyes are practically tearing up, he’s so scared.

Sweetie,” I coo. “That would put is in the line of fire. We’re safer here.

The alien moves towards the second turbolift and yells in Huttese, “LEAVE ME ALONE, THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT!” A thug slices his back and he stumbles into a table. The Devaronian reporter sticks the camera in his face, asking him questions. That girl certainly has guts. What surprises me more is that despite being fired at, the alien is talking with her.

Now the bounty hunter is shooting at the thugs. Two Duros at the bar are trading credits, making bets on the outcome of the fight. I hear someone call for station security.

The alien is slamming the buttons of the second turbolift for all he’s worth. The reporter is still pummeling the alien with questions, pushing the camera closer and closer to his face. It appears that her questions are not being answered to her satisfaction, because she pulls out a small staff, which instantly doubles in length. She blocks the door to the turbolift with it.

It was then that the Force began being used. The bounty hunter Force Slams the thugs. Tiles rip out of the floor and fly across the room. One thug falls to the ground immediately and the clothing is ripped off the second. He’s badly bruised.

Asoni jumps on my shoulder and hides behind my head.

Two voices boom, STATION SECURITY!

Bounty hunter chasing a suspect,” the armored man yells.

Talk into the camera! Say what you need to say!” shouts the reporter girl. The alien grabs her, says something to her and drops her to the ground.

DROP YOUR WEAPON!” Security demands of the bounty hunter.

He drops his weapon and talks to them for a second. The bruised thug runs straight at me. My client screams like a girl.

I try to persuade the thug to give himself up, but he doesn’t want to cooperate. Asoni reaches beneath her dress, pulls out her blaster, and shoots him. Security is running up to us. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the alien running away from the turbolift.

The brown-haired man tips a bucket of ice on to the floor near the thug. The thug slips, falls, and lands at my feet. I put the heel of my stiletto on his neck and purr, “You’d better not move.Station Security comes over to the thug and take him into custody, taking my client with them. He thanks me and pays me for my time.

I hear loud cursing in Huttese and look over to see the multi-armed alien, bleeding profusely. The bounty hunter is furiously stomping around it, checking it for vital signs.

Station security pulls us all in for questioning. Asoni and I answer all the questions truthfully. They are impressed by her tiny blaster, too. I receive a request on my computer for meeting with a client tonight. Bring formalwear, it says.

I have a beautiful dress that I’ve been looking for an excuse to wear!

Pay is…. 9000 credits? That’s several times more than I’ve ever gotten for one evening of service… curious.

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