Companion’s Log: An Evening Affair


(OOC: When we last saw Tosca, her date with an Imperial Officer at the Stargaze Cantina devolved into a blaster fight between a multi-armed alien and a heavily-armored bounty hunter. After the fight was done being questioned by Station Security, Tosca receives a communication requesting a date tonight for a formal event for 9000 credits, which is far more than even the most generous rate. She is tempted, but cautious.)

Asoni and I look up the record of the potential client, an Arkanian noble named Alduin Tos. He has a short, but exemplary record. The last few companions he has contracted have written very favorable reviews of him. Asoni digs deeper, trying to find any possible red flags, but finds none.

I change into a low-cut black gown edged in glowing pink stones. Asoni puts on a coordinating outfit – a pink dress that matches the stones in mine. She camouflages herself well as the pampered pet of a noblewoman. We walk towards the designated meeting place at the central towers, by the apartments of the most wealthy inhabitants of the station.

In the central chamber of the atrium, I have a staring contest with a giant droid. It eventually steps aside and gestures for me to enter. Alduin Tos is an attractive man, tan with the snow white hair typical of his race. He bows to me. I extend my hand and he kisses it. He seems genuine.

I recognize the brown-haired human from the bar, sitting on a chair nearby.

There will be a little festivity tonight,” Tos says. “A formal reception for Grand Moff Thrace. He’s a very important figure, the most important in this sector. I’d like to make a good impression on him. However, I have received reports that someone may make an attempt on my life. This will not dissuade me from my plans, which is why I’ve asked Breel- he gestures to the brown-haired man – “to be my bodyguard and you” – he gestures to me – “to accompany me on my arm.

I am a little nervous at the prospect of being on the arm of a man marked for death, but 9000 credits would certainly make life for Asani and myself easier. Besides, we already survived a bar fight, what more could happen in one day?

You’ll need some formal wear,” he says to Breel, eying him up and down.

I don’t know about the fashion in this sector,” Breel replies.

Tos laughs, “Neither do I, that’s why I have assistants. At any rate, tell me about your order.

Breel explain that they are mercenaries trained in the Force. They don’t use the Force for personal benefit, just at the will of their employers.

You’d use it in my defense?” Tos asks.

Yes,” Breel nods, “If that’s my contract.

They settle on a price of 5000 credits for his services for the evening. The moment the contract is accepted, I feel Breel activate his Jedi senses. He pulls two matching cufflinks from his pocket and hands one to Tos. “Comlinks,” he says. Tos attaches his to his wrist and they test them. After Breel changes, we get into a streamlined silver limo and are transported to the reception hall.

The reception hall is beautiful and opulent. Ancient High Galactic architecture, floating candelabras, a stained glass dome over the whole thing. A series of platforms separate the space into levels for dancing, talking, eating. It is simply stunning.

We enter the VIP area and are checked through security. I left my blaster in my quarters (because this dress will not accommodate extras!), but Asoni has hers beneath her dress and no one seems to notice. Breel is allowed to keep his ion pistol because of his bodyguard status. I notice that there are only droids on security. It’s odd. Not unheard of, but odd.

Everyone at the event is human or near-human. Asoni is getting lots of attention. Men who normally wouldn’t approach a companion are coming up to me and asking about her. I smile and say that she is my pet. Yes, you can pet her, but please don’t touch her ears, she’ll scratch you.

All eyes are on me and Tos. Guests seem somewhat intimidated and don’t like the fact that he is there. We make small talk as we walk around the room and he greets the other guests. Tos is cautious, but calm. I see a few other companions who are also on the arms of important men. Tos seems bored like he shouldn’t have to be here, he’s above all this.

I feel a disturbance in the Force just as the guest of honor shows up. Grand Moff Thrace enters the room to the sounds of a fanfare. The lights go down a bit and a spotlight shines on him. Breel is trying to get through to security, but can’t connect.

Thrace approaches the banister on the top level. He’s very old and has a raspy, but commanding voice. When he speaks, the room falls silent.

Thank you everyone for attending. For the past 1000 years the Moffs have presided over the galaxy and have done our noble best to preserve honor and nobility among all sentients. It has not been a peaceful 1000 years but we have done our best and I believe that we are able to govern the galaxy with strength and determination and are ultimately able to bring justice to all life.

One by one, each of the hovering security droids lands and powers down.

The Moff pauses and speaks again.

There is but one true empire.

One by one, lightsabers appear in the crowd.

….to be continued…

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