Wizards of the Coast, lacking in Web-fu.

Thanks to Propagandroid over at The Gamer Dome for tipping me off to these great posts!

One of the things that has irritated me since becoming a D&D player is the utter crap that is WotC’s website. It is hard on the eyes, to put it bluntly. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to find exactly what I came looking for… I just poke around until I get a headache and then leave.

My solution – subscribe to the RSS feeds and read those. If something there is worthy of my eyes bleeding, I’ll click through to WotC.

For a company with such a great product, a great web presence is necessary – especially in an age where people Google for everything they want to know.

Right now, Wizards’ web-fu is seriously lacking. Men with Pens should do a drive-by shooting – they’d have plenty to talk about!

Anyhoo, Chibbs over at Dragon Avenue is a professional web designer and he has two videos that you have to check out. The first is about why the WotC website sucks.

In the second, Chibbs shows WotC what their website could look like if they put it in the hands of more skilled web developers.

What a difference!

I dunno about you, but if I were WotC, I’d be putting in an offer to hire this guy, no matter what the cost. He’d be worth every penny in my opinion!

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