The Craigslist Experiment: The First 10 Minutes

Our Girl!In the 10 minutes after the ad went live, I received 8 emails. (e’s comments in red.)

Things started innocuously enough:

Bachelor #1

Hi! Dunno if it makes me creepy for saying hi (he’s questioning himself already?), but *shrug* I’ll risk it lol. My name’s D, I’m 27 (9 years older), and yeah … I’m a geek looking for another geek to just hang out with and have fun together. Though, I have to admit … I never got very far in Twilight Princess … which is odd, bc I’ve always been obessive about finishing Zelda games. Most of my Wii time is spent playing Brawl, or now Mario Kart. I love Thai food as well, though good Sushi I think can be better :) Anyways, if you think you might want to chat, say hi! I’d love to hear from you :)

He’s 9 years older, but otherwise seems harmless.

Bachelor #2

Hi! ;) My name is M. I am single, live in ____ near ____. I am a bit of geek. I like sci-fi and fantasy stuff. My all time favorite television shows are Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Heroes, The X-Files, Smallville, and Lost. I enjoy going to conventions like FX and Megacon. I listen to mostly rock and pop music. I’m just looking for a geeky artsy girl to spend my time with and be close with. My other geeky interests would include acting and theater. I also dig coffee shops, and poetry readings. I’ve attached a photo. If you like what you see let me know.

Note that M has no age. M’s picture puts him in his mid-to-late 20s or possibly early 30s if he’s been good with sunscreen. Or it’s a really old picture of M and he’s 50. Who knows for sure?

Bachelor #3

Hey How are you?

This is my first time responding to a Craigslist Personal, so I’m just going to say what I think you need to know to get a good idea of who I am, that if it’s something that may be of interest of you then you can reply and if not, that’s fine by me.

My name is Y. I just came out of a long 2 year relationship and I am just looking for friends. I don’t know what the future may hold but I need to put my self out there if I want to make it any where in life. I have a professional job at ________, I have my own place (shared with 2 other roommates) and have a motorcycle. I used to have a car but due the ridiculous gas prices, I decided to sell it and enjoy my cheap gas money :). Many of my friends will say that I’m a funny, laid back, honest, respectful person that knows how to have a fun time. It’s Friday night and just finished a stressful week of work with nothing to do this entire weekend. I’m just sending out this email in hope of finding someone new to meet and to spend sometime this weekend.

You can visit my MySpace page at (the word “baller” is in the title) or my Facebook page at ___________. Please disregard any information about my Ex-Girlfriend as I honestly don’t feel the motivation to update anything on either page since I hardly even use them. On my MySpace page I think I posted the last time I updated the page which was a long time ago.

If you want more pictures, simply just let me know and I will personally take one on my phone and send one to you.

If think that we would click and enjoy ourselves, just simply reply back. It not, Thank you for taking your time and reading my email.

Bachelor #4

If you want to get something to eat some time and go from there email me and let me know.

No name, no age, no nothing. What girl is going to write back (unless she’s REALLY desperate or bored)?

Bachelor #5

hey whats up how are you. okay im gonna get to the point and i dont want to waste your time. im 20 years old. i go to college and i work about 40 hours a week. my name is N but my friends call me N lol. i work at a hotel at _________. i actually am a valet cashier. but somes i do get generous tips which is good to pay bill and crap. I go to ____. i dont have a girlfriend and i have never done this before this is my first time and i dont know how this works or anything but ive tried sending you a picture and apparently craiglist is being gay and it wont let me send it so i wanted to know if i could send it to your email i will send you picture of me i promise. i would really love to hear from you so i can get to know you better but yea thanks for taking the time to read this message thx :) i really hope to hear from you soon :)

Not bad. Kinda sad, not too bright, but not creepy at least!

Bachelor #6

Hello how are you. My names G I’m 29 Italian and Puerto Rican. I’m an Executive Chef. I would like to talk to you. You have a cute smile and beautifull eyes. Ciao

Did anybody else notice you can’t see her eyes very well in the picture? This guy obviously feeds all the girls the same line. He’s also 11 years older than our geek girl.

Bachelor #7

what age range are you looking for?

Read: I really hope you say you like older men… I really hope you say you like older men…

Bachelor #8

Hey I would love to talk to you aim = _______1988

At least he’s in the right age range for her!

…more to come… stay tuned!

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