The Craigslist Experiment: The Fun Continues…

Our GirlOur girl continues to get emails (the running total is 24… make that 28… wait, 30 in 2 hours).

Nothing blatantly horrible, just mostly creepy old men or young guys who write horribly inept emails.

I’m hoping you’re all seeing some trends in the types of emails girls get in response to personal ads.

If anything, you’ll know what NOT to write!

Let’s see some more of our Craigslist Bachelors…

Bachelor #16

Hey how’s it going? I stumbled upon your ad on Craigslist and I really like what I read.

I, myself, have been dating casually for the past few years, and I think I’m finally ready to pursue a more meaningful relationship with someone. I haven’t had a long term/serious relationship in awhile, and I do miss having one.

But, of course, I’m getting a little ahead of myself! :) Let me tell you a little about me:

I’m 6′ 1ish’ and I weigh about 185. I’m not fat, not thin, about average size I suppose. I have short, spikey, blonde hair and blue eyes. I also have a small goatee, but I’m thinking of shaving it off soon. I am 21 years old (turn 22 in June).

Currently I’m going to ____ here in ____. I’m studying Film and so far, the experience has been great (although I’m still in my first month :P ). As you can probably tell, Movies/Television/Entertainment in general is my true passion. I eventually want to end up producing for a television show (possibly movies), but I know that everyone has to work their way up and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to reach my goal.

My interests include going to the movies, certain television shows (Lost, Nip/Tuck, Entourage and more), hanging out with friends, going to parties in small doses, and meeting new people. I also enjoy playing Guitar Hero every now and then and I LOVE cartoons and some anime.

Personality wise, I’m a little shy at first, but I do warm up to a person almost instantly. I’m a great listener and problem solver. When it comes to dating, I’m a bit old-fashioned. I still believe in chivalry and I follow suit accordingly (ie. paying for dates, holding the door open, etc). I believe a woman should be treated like a woman, with class, integrity and devotion. I’m very respectful, not pushy and generally an all-around laid back guy.

If I still have your attention then great! If not, well I wish you luck in finding your perfect guy. If you would like to talk a bit more, you can email me back here or add me on AIM (screen name: ___) and we can chat there.

I do hope to hear back from ya and if you have any questions for me or if I left some stuff out, let me know and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

- C

PS I do have a pic but it’s a bit too large for craigslist. If you’d like to see it just send me an email back and I’ll get it to ya :)

Now, I have to say, this is a decent email. He’s in the right age range, and he seems to be fairly normal. My only critique is that the email is too long for an introduction email. If you’re going to cold contact someone from a site like craigslist, it’s best to give them the text from your profile along with a sentence or two related to their ad. No more.

Bachelor #17

I am interested in getting to know you. By the way my name is T. i am 21. I live in ___ anyways if you want to get to knwo me let me know Take care

Normal looking guy. Looks 21. But expecting a girl to email back just based on a name, age, and picture? Asking too much, T. Asking too much.

Bachelor #18

I am A and knowing craig’s list you prolly have like a1000 responses by now. Well yea I am a geek, I go to ____ for pre pharmacy, I love playing Mario Kart Wii(i just got it its very fun), DnD(when I can), my bass (I am pretty into music) also like to get outside wakeboard, hike, bike, camp, etc. I also tell corny jokes, like the lamest you’ve ever heard like what do call butt sweat………………………………………Aspiration HOOOO, yea I know. Talk to you soon. PS I am on the job hunt too man its brutal out there

He made a joke about butt sweat. That, my friends, is a first for me. I’m impressed.

Bachelor #19

Hi my name is E and we seem to be looking for the same thing. I saw your add on Latin Romantic (someone didn’t edit their cut-n-paste letter… you’d be surprised how often this happens). You are very pretty. I am 27, very funny, witty, and smart. I am easy to get along with, and know how to pass time and make u have fun. I am a hopeless romantic at heart. If you would like to talk more write me back or u can reach me on aim. screen name ____. Hope to hear from you soon! I have a myspace: __________

Bachelor #20

Hello, my name is A. You are very very pretty. I would love to talk to you some.
I am a college student living down here. I am going to assume that ____ is a high school. Love the dog. it’s cute, I have a little wiener dog. I really hope to hear back,
whats your name?

No name, no age. In an area with many adult college students, this guy could be anywhere from 17 to 117.

Bachelor #21

first off, I dont play Wii But im addicated to my PSP, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is my drug. Ok well my name is B, Im 21, I work at starbucks and i go to community college. im really not that good about talking about my self. to check out more of me go to my myspace: ____. or im me my aim is_____. hope to hear from you

He attached 4 pictures, some of which are obvious attempts to look mysterious/sexy.

Bachelors #22-23

22: As a self proclaimed Geek, I was just curious as to how you would define a geek?

23: Hello there, I’m J. Still looking for a friend?

Email baiting. With craigslist, your email is anonymous until you reply. These guys could be 50 for all our 18 year old knows. She wouldn’t reply if he said he was 50… but if he doesn’t say, and she writes back, he’s got her contact info. Not saying that’s the case here, but be forwarned to use an email address you don’t use often when using craigslist.

Bachelors #24-27

Hey there, I’m interested. Always looking for a new friend if nothing else. Check me out on myspace if you’d like.

if you wanna chat _______________

_______ (link only)

I guess myspace is the business card of the next generation. I have so many myspace URLs from these guys.

Bachelor #28

hey there saw your ad on CL, a little about me i am a 23 male here from __ pretty much down to earth and love to have fun stuff like that, i like hanging out with friends listening to music playing sports etc. I get along with everyone and anyone I like to laugh and make people laugh, i have no drama and dont want any,I am in school at ___ right now, i work and do whatever. umm anymore questions feel free to ask i am not so great with these things ,well email me back if intrested. thanks

Red flag – those who mention drama have been burned by it (or create it). Also, if you admit you’re bad at talking to girls, why would we want to talk to you? The second guy had goddamn CREEPY pictures. Child molester creepy. No joke. I got the heebie-jeebies just looking at them.

Bachelor #29

Hello my name is G and I’m 28 years old, Hispanic, from the __ area of ___. I have to say when I saw your ad I stopped immediately, your (ew!) gorgeous and I really like your ad. I’m not having to much luck finding that special someone elsewhere so I decided to give this a try. I would like to get to know more about you and see where things go. If your (ew!) interested in getting to know me please let me know.

Ten year age difference and lack of ability to distinguish between your and you’re. *buzzer*

Bachelor #30

I loved your posting on CL’s! Especailly the wii part I have a wii back in ___ with zelda but I never got a chance to beat it before I moved down here anyways if you want to hang out or go out sometime let me know I attached a picture of me.

Someone needs to learn about punctuation. And spelling. And capitalization.

So, geek friends. Post a comment. Tell me what you’ve learned from your geek brethren’s emails. Seeing some common threads (besides the creepy old guys)? Ready to fess up that you’ve written similar emails?

Let’s chat!

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