The Craigslist Experiment: The NEXT Half Hour

Our GirlIn the first 10 minutes, 8 emails.

In the next half-hour, more came in. I’m actually pretty impressed with the lack of perv-itude present.

I’ve used craigslist personally when I was single and I got a ton of pervvy responses, some too pervvy to mention on this blog.

Surprisingly, our girl is getting some decent responses, but a few questionable ones.

Bachelor #9

This guy wrote with his phone number “looking for a pair of eyes to watch me.” Ew. I’ve concealed his face, but let’s say he’s at least 35, if not older.


Bachelor #10

Cute photo and I don’t mean the dog. What is a good looking girl like you doing on craiglist?

Again, no age, no photo.

Bachelor #11

This one came in by text to email:

Hey a 24 swm geek / dork in S____…SHS was my school..idk what to write! Lol

idk why anyone would write back to you with such a sad email.

Bachelor #12

This one sent me a large photo of a geek girl, scantily clad in a ripped, wet t-shirt and bikini bottom. No text, just a smiley face and a picture.

Bachelor #13

Hey whats up? You’re (ew.) dog is gorgeous and you’re not too bad yourself. ha ha ha. Ok, so I think with that I just proved my dorkiness. Anyway I love Thai Food and know a great Thai restaurant if you’d like to go sometime. I’m not sure if you have an age limit on a guy. I’m 30, but for some reason you strike as being more mature than 18. Anyway if 30 is too old, I understand, but if its not and you’d like to talk more and maybe get dinner one night then write me back. I’m in the _____ area.

A 12 year difference when you’re 50 and she’s 38, no biggie. A 12 year difference when she’s not graduated from high school yet and you’re 30? Creepy.

Bachelor #14

Before we begin talking, I would like to make sure that your ad is an real personal ad. Unfortunetely, us guy’s have to sift thru many fake personal ads on C/L that are actually just spam that will e-mail us an auto responce with a link to another “pay” dating website requiring us to register and give up personal info & credit card #. Even worst, sometime they link to either a sex website or an escort service. Would you be so kind as to reply back with a picture so I can be sure that your’s is a real personal ad?

This guy hits on a valid point. Many of the girl ads on craigslist are simply phishing for email addresses. Me, I’m phishing for educational opportunities for my geeky readers. There should be a license for Craigslist Research.

Bachelor #15

Luved ur listing and pics on craigslist. Great doggy, mine is Trixy. anyways, would love 2 know more, I am an IT guy and just wanted to say hey. whats ur other email so I can send ya sum pics

Sorry, but most geek girls are not going to go for a guy who can’t spell words like “loved”, “your”, “you”, and “some.” Also, if you can’t type t-o for “to”, can a girl expect you to be less lazy in a relationship?

…oh, there’s more. Stay tuned, geek friends!

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