Who Are You People? – April Edition

Welcome to a peek into my stats. I was originally using SiteMeter, but it only provides data for the last 100 visits, so I switched to Google Analytics on April 10th. This is the data collected from then until now.

Congratulations to this month’s winners!

  • Top US State by visits – Florida (hey, it’s where I live, I got people here.)
  • Top US State by time on site – Wyoming
  • Top Country by Visits – USA!
  • Top Foreign Country by visits – Canada, eh!?
  • Top European Country by time on site – United Kingdom
  • Top Canadian City by visits – Winnipeg
  • Top Canadian City by time on site – Red Deer
  • Top Referral – My Blogspot Blog!! (People still link to it.)
  • Top OS – Windows (specifically, XP)
  • Top Browser – Firefox
  • Top Page (after the homepage)Top Ten Reasons You Should Date a Geek Girl

Where are you coming from?

Visits by Country


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Visits by European Country


Hello to GDG friends in countries around the world!

Dedicated geek friends are found in places like Switzerland, Brazil, South Korea, Israel, the Philippines, Thailand, Portugal, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium, Argentina, and Japan.

How long are you staying at Geek’s Dream Girl?

Time on Site by Country


Time on Site by US State


Time on Site by Canadian City


Time on Site by European Country



Places Geeks Need to Conquer!

US States with Fewest Visitors

Least Geeky

What’s your computer like?

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How did people find Geek’s Dream Girl?

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What did you like the most this month?

Top Pages by Unique Pageviews

Best Pages

As always, THANK YOU for coming to read my little corner of the blogosphere. I’m thoroughly enjoying writing for you and reading all your awesome comments.

See your people represented in the stats above? Feel free to give them a shout-out!

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