Companion’s Log: Jedi Killing Innocents?


(OOC: When we last saw Tosca, an evening date on the arm of Alduin Tos had turned ugly when Grand Moff Thrace’s speech was interrupted by lightsabers firing up in the crowd. Breel is there to serve as Tos’ bodyguard – and Tosca hopes hers as well – but the situation appears to be pretty dire.)

Everyone starts to panic. Breel turns to Tos and says, “We gotta go.” Tos is not interested in leaving. He’s pulling something out of his suit and assembling it.

Thrace shouts, “What is the meaning of this?

The crowd parts and in the center stands a clean-cut human male dressed in brown historic jedi robes. He wields a green lightsaber and flashes a cocky smile before he speaks:

Anyone who supports the Empire supports tyranny. We, the Knights of the Old Republic, will not tolerate this!

The jedi around him start swinging their lightsabers in the crowd, killing innocent after innocent. I am glad that we are on the edge of the crowd, but am quite nervous that they will be coming after us. After all, Tos said his life was in danger.

The robed jedi moves towards Thrace’s podium and is speaking in a language I don’t understand. His men are hacking through people left and right. We need to get out of here. Breel again tries to convince Tos of this, but he says, “Just a second,” screws the last bit of his contraption together and shoots a blaster bolt out of it, killing one of the jedi.

I hide behind Tos as one of the jedi runs towards us. Breel punches him, but doesn’t seem to hurt him at all. Some bodyguard. Between the tight dress and the fear, I’m beginning to feel a bit lightheaded. I hear Thrace scream for Security and see him run to the other side of the balcony and out of my view.

Tos’ contraption looks like a wand with a trigger on top. He seems proud of himself for having gotten it past Security.

Do you know who these people are?” I ask.

I don’t think they’re after me,” he says, “and they have lightsabers, so I think they’re jedi.” Last I checked, the only people who used lightsabers were jedi… or sith.

The remaining people in the crowd are trying to get out of the room, but all the doors are stuck closed, except for the one behind us.

We need to get out of here,” Asoni says. I nod to her.

The jedi flips in the air and lands on the upper balcony, chasing after Thrace. Breel hits the jedi in front of us with a Force Slam and he explodes. Thankfully, we are safe. For now.

Are we ready?” Breel says. Tos is already heading for the stairs. “C’mon!” I follow close behind Tos, hoping that in a worst case scenario, my slight frame can take cover behind his. Asoni rides on my shoulders, her paw poised to grab her tiny blaster.

I hear a lightsaber cutting through something and Asoni whimpers.

What?” I ask.

The girl with the video camera from the cantina. She just got sliced apart by the jedi up there.

Tos fires his weapon at the jedi and misses. It seems that his contraption takes longer to charge after each shot. I take a deep breath and think on my companion training. If I can focus, maybe I can persuade him to leave.

I’d rather not have this dress torn up by lightsabers… I’d rather have you tear it off me.

Tos stops in his tracks and considers it for a second, but says, “There will be plenty of time for that later. For now, I have to save my career.

I peek around the corner of the staircase and see the jedi muttering angrily. Breel attempts a mind trick on the jedi to convince him to withdraw. He stops suddenly and says something to himself. I tell Tos that he can go ahead, but I’ll be staying on the stairs. I’d feel more comfortable defending myself if I had my blaster.

Thrace comes back up to the balcony by the jedi. In a low and furious voice he demands, “Lay down your weapon and you’ll live to see tomorrow.

I want… to surrender…?” the jedi is muttering. He seems to snap to attention suddenly. “Why would I want to do that?!?” He jumps on the banister and cuts down Thrace with one swipe of his lightsaber. The old man crumples to the ground.

Breel pulls out his ion pistol and fires towards the jedi, missing again and again. It’s clear that he’s had no training on this weapon; I wonder why he has it? Asoni pulls out her tiny blaster and shoots. The jedi runs towards us and begins to attack Breel but is unable to hit him. Breel’s martial arts skills are much better than his pistol skills, thankfully. I back up a bit to get out of lightsaber range.

Tos fires his weapon and it explodes out of his hand, embedding in the jedi’s shoulder.

Nice shot, dear,” I say.

The jedi winds up for a mighty swing when a blur of blue goes by and cuts through him. His body splits in two and falls to the ground. We look around and realize that his companions seem to have disappeared. The doors to the ballroom are open and Security forces are pouring in.

….to be continued…

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