Companion’s Log: Tracking Foxst


(OOC: When we last saw Tosca, she and her companions had joined up with the bounty hunter and the Devaronian. Tosca discovers quite a few things in that meeting – 1. The Devaronian is alive, 2. Grand Moff Thrace is alive (his stand-in is the one that was killed) 3. the bounty hunter was the one who killed the jedi with a lucky throw of a lightsaber and 4. the jedi were not really jedi and someone had to catch them.)

We leave the room with the knowledge that are are wanted men and women with large bounties on our heads.

We’re all in this together,” the Devaronian says. “What are we going to do?”

We’re going to find the bastards and get rid of these bounties!” the bounty hunter replies.

Breel and Tos are having a private conversation in the corner. In the meantime, we introduce ourselves to each other. The bounty hunter is Naveed and the Devaronian is named Zara. She eyes me in the curious and hungry way that first time clients do. It’s odd, but cute in an endearing kind of way. She leaves us to go back to the medical ward and regain her strength.

Asoni needs to get to a computer to do research, so we all go back to my quarters. I change into my casual attire and strap my blaster in its concealed holster beneath my skirt.

My friend’s first search is to see if Foxst is still on the station. She finds no sign of him having left yet.

Let’s get this guy,” growls Naveed.

Tos pulls me aside and says that he no longer needs my services for the night. He has asked Breel to protect me while he makes calls to see what information and items he can dig up to help our effort. He squeezes my arm gently, winks and thanks me. “Hopefully we’ll be able to have a repeat performance that will end differently…” I kiss him on the cheek before he leaves.

Asoni is able to find information on the jedi impostors. They are fringers from the Outer Rim, muck-abouts with no careers or morals. They barely bought passage on to the station and then dropped off the radar. A bit more information was available about their leader, Teeg Morass. He was a jack of all trades who traveled on and off the station several times for various reasons. He had been on the station for about two weeks prior to this evening.

We hack into the security camera feeds to look for Bereg Foxst. We stare at the monitor for hours. After many false alarms, I finally pick him out of the crowd. He’s on one of the lower decks. Naveed pulls out his blaster, sets it to stun, and strides out of the room. We follow, Asoni riding my shoulders.

The lower decks are not an ideal location for a woman of my status. It’s hard for a companion – especially one with bright red hair – to blend in with the dregs of humanity. Well, I say humanity, but all races are represented here. The poverty on this level is depressing to me. Trash litters the streets and vendors are on every corner, selling everything from food to unlicensed weapons.

We walk to the intersection where we had spotted Foxst on the camera, but he is long gone. About half of the cameras in this area are smashed and those that aren’t are circled with paint to indicate their location. It is easy to avoid being noticed if you’re that type of person, I suppose.

As we follow his path, we move into a more sparsely populated, run-down area. Garbage is strewn everywhere and the stench is nearly unbearable. After about an hour of trailing Foxst, we see him about 150m away. Asoni, riding the bounty hunter’s shoulders, spots four figures stalking us from behind. Breel wants to try to apprehend Foxst first and then take care of the thugs, but I’m not sure they’re going to wait that long.

Foxst stops and turns to face us and the thugs draw weapons and move into plain sight, boxing us in. The hostility they have towards us is palpable in the air, making me realize that it is us they are trailing, not necessarily Foxst. Are they on his side?

The fight begins and I am grateful that I have my weapon back and such qualified travel companions to aid me. We take down the four thugs with no problems.

Naveed aims his blaster at Foxst as he approaches him. Foxst’s face is that of resignation. He looks like he’s had a rough night too.

So,” he sighs. “Are you going to kill me now?”

I’ve come to ask you questions,” Naveed replies. “Are you behind the attacks by the Knights of the Old Republic?

I have about as much to do with what happened last night as the imperial senate had to do with the Empire when it was first created.”

“So why did you leave?”

“I figured they’d come after me.”

“You’re going to come with us. You’re the #1 suspect on their list.”

“I can tell you right now, I won’t see the light of another day if you bring me in.”

“They treated us fairly…” Naveed argues.

“Which they?” Foxst inquires.

Naveed is tired of questions and brandishes his blaster at Foxst, trying to intimidate him into coming with us. Foxst is unswayed.

We’ll take you to Zara,” I say. “She’s in the medical ward. She almost died. She’s healing up and has asked about you.”

“You left her there?!?” A look of fear washes over his face.

…to be continued (next session!)…

To read this story from the point of view of Zara, Asoni, or Naveed, check out their blogs, linked from my Current Campaigns page.



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