Finding A Geek Girl in 90210

I’ll admit it, I was addicted to Beverly Hills 90210 when I was a teenager.

But I’m not here to write about the merits of Brenda vs. Kelly or Dylan vs. Brandon.

Not today, at least.

In the poll on the right, the geeks have spoken!

You want to know how to find people you’d actually want to date. So, I decided to pick a city where I seem to have a decent amount of fans and do a little searching for you.

Here are my search parameters:

  • Female, aged 25 – 30
  • within 10 miles of 90210
  • Any height, body type
  • Never married, no kids
  • Turn-on: Brainiacs
  • Non-smoker, casual or non-drinker
  • Income $35,001+
  • Bachelors Degree or higher

Let’s see what geek girls we can find!!


A pixie-haired brunette with a Masters degree from Cornell!

She reads the New York Times, is a world traveler, and welcomes a healthy debate.

If you’re interested in exploring the world and its cuisine, this may be the geek girl for you!



She has a few too many pictures involving margaritas, but if you enjoy tequila-based drinks, perhaps it is a match made in heaven!

BrittyKat is a happy girl who loves to cook. (If you can’t cook, you should definitely try to find a girl who can!)

She says she has a hard time putting down her camera, so why not a first date involving an interesting locale and both of your cameras? See who takes the better pictures, discuss angles, light, shutter speeds… ooh la la!

Oh, and the Wallstreet Journal is on her nightstand. Nuff said.



The glasses and pigtails just scream geek girl, don’t they?

She cleans her house to the sounds of Beethoven and has a passion for ping pong.

She’s got a grad degree and dual citizenship. (Ever wanted to be a Brit?)

If you’re passionate about life and will dance with her when a Sinatra song is playing (even if you can’t dance well!), then Sugar_Beet may be the geek girl for you!



Her profile doesn’t scream geek.

It does, however, scream intelligent!! It’s well written.

A great sense of humor, combined with sharp wit is essential. I can dish it out as well as I can take it and I’d like to meet someone who can say the same. Intelligence and the ability to keep me on my toes scores big points with me. I’m looking for a guy who excites me on all levels. If you don’t get sarcasm, just keep moving.

Sounds like fun!



Her headline is: Undercover Geek

I am a geek. Not just into math (which I’m really not) but an honest to goodness, comic-reading, computer-game- playing, Sci-Fi-reading, Red-Dwarf-watching geek.

Hurry up and email her! I don’t think she’ll be on the market long!



A PhD student!

I dunno about you, but the word doctorate turns me on.

She rides horses, reads sci-fi, and teaches biomedical engineering.

She’s a problem solver, movie lover, sports watcher, and traveler.

Oh, and she TIVOs all Sci-Fi movies, especially the really cheesy ones. You sold yet?



This shortie is a firecracker for sure.

If you can’t tell the difference between your and you’re, you might want to move on. It’s a dealbreaker for her!

I really am just a huge dork, who is a lover of all things science, math, and logic. I might also be a lover of the more creative arts, but wouldn’t say I am any good at them.

She even has a job involving the promotion of science. Cool!



Ah, redheads. Gotta put one in there for you guys.

This one is especially geeky and awesome.

Her profile is verbose (to say the least) but she works with THE MUPPETS. Yeah, totally cool.

When you write her, don’t ask who her favorite muppet is; she probably hears that all the time.

Ask her why gin tastes like Christmas.

Well, that’s it for 90210. As you can see, there are some pretty good options for geeks in that area. Want me to search for a geek girl for you?

If you’d like YOUR city featured in a future “Finding A Geek Girl”, please comment below with your zip code, age range, and an acceptable radius (aka “within 30 miles of…”). You may see some local geek girls featured in an upcoming post!

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