Finding A Geek Girl in 60626

Welcome to the second edition of Finding a Geek Girl.

Tom requested for me to dig up some quality geek girls between the ages of 30-40 in the Chicagoland area.

Here goes…



She’s adorable.

I aspire to be true “renaissance woman,” and value others who are well-rounded and interested in a variety of things. My ideal day would be hanging out at a museum, or watching the aforementioned depressing foreign flick, and then hanging out at a coffee shop or bookstore while watching people or reading.

Additionally, if you were a nerd in high school (or consider yourself a nerd now), you are perhaps the guy for me!

She’d definitely have a lot of cool things to discuss, if you share her interests or even if you don’t!



She calls herself a sexy librarian type. (I’ll give you a moment to catch your breath and compose yourself.)

I have to say, Tom, this girl has a lonnnnng profile, but I actually stuck through until the end. She’s got a lot of neat factoids and anecdotes.

Who knew that “lungs expand like balloons when they’re not trapped in the chest cavity”?

I certainly didn’t!

You know what I like? She describes herself as curvy and still posts a picture of herself in a bathing suit. Girl has self-esteem a’plenty!



For those of you who’d like an Asian sensation…

In an ideal world, I’m looking for an easy-going guy with a well-developed sense of humor who is intelligent, socially confident, not easily frustrated and willing to embrace his inner geek. In the end, what I really want is someone who’s willing to get up and go buy the paper on Sunday morning.

Bad news, though.

She doesn’t roleplay…

…or do conventions.

Nobody’s perfect.


Since this post is at the request of Tom, let me see what I can dig up based on the things I know about him:


She’s got an adorable mischievous smile.

A divorced mom of a 7-year old “tomboy princess“, she works for the government doing internet projects. Nice geek job.

She’s restored her own house. That’s impressive in itself!

I am looking to meet someone who is comfortable in his skin and figured important parts of himself out…with room for learning new things.

“Be smart, be funny, be active. Eat the brownies I make!”

I think Tom could handle this!



Here’s another bespectacled beauty!

Her profile is a bit uninformative as far as the main text area… a lot of blah blah and not a lot of substance. However, my matchmaker radar says that she is at heart a sweet person.

Overall I’m just a really happy person who’s looking for someone special to share life’s adventures with. Oh yeah – I love to tease people (in a fun way, not maliciously) and be teased. I want to meet someone who is as independent as I am, but loves spending time with me whenever possible. Someone who is outgoing with a good sense of humor, intelligent, strong, motivated.


Love to Live

She’s got my haircut! (Except I’m a brunette, and everyone knows brunettes are wayyy cooler!)

She loves the tall ones, and since Tom is 6’2″, I figure she’ll like him! She’s also making the same amount of money Tom makes and in a similar field, so there won’t be any of that weird breadwinner tension that can happen sometimes in a relationship.

She’s also involved in lots of physical activities, so Tom would have lots of date ideas. Bike ride? Kayak? Hike?



Beautiful picture. So sweet.

Tom might meet this girl when he’s at Starbucks or at a live music concert somewhere in town.

She’s a career woman with a cute kid and keeps herself active and maintains her own interests.

Here’s what sold me on this girl. She’s not looking for a relationship right away, just a friendship that may evolve into more. Tom is currently separated, but not yet divorced. It’s a good situation for both to be able to get to know one another, very low-key, until he’s officially divorced and (hopefully) she is smitten with him!


Well, that’s it for 60626…

As you can see, there are some pretty good options for geeks in that area. Want me to search for a geek girl for you?

If you’d like YOUR city featured in a future “Finding A Geek Girl”, please comment below with your zip code, age range, and an acceptable radius (aka “within 30 miles of…”). You may see some local geek girls featured in an upcoming post!

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