Top 10 Reasons I Want to Date Ironman

IronmanI finally got out and saw Ironman on Friday night.

I have to say, it was pretty badass. However, not being a geek of the comic book flavor, I wouldn’t know if it was rife with inaccuracies that would make other geeks poke their eyes out.

I was very appreciative of the fact that the sexual tension between Stark and Pepper never got resolved in a cheesy “yay, we just saved the world” kiss.

That, my friends, would have been lame.

Either way, instead of writing a review, which I am highly unqualified to do, I figured I’d give you this….



10. Red suit. I’ve always been a sucker for redheads.

9. Repulsor rays keep neighbor’s dog from pooping in my yard.

8. I’d never have to worry about my safety if I was a hostage and a crazy person had a gun to my head.

7. Can lose myself in his glowy eyes.

6. Chinese takeout for dinner.  From China.

5. With strength like his, he could make any girl feel like she’s light as a feather!

4. Rearranging heavy furniture is a breeze!

3. The phrase “fly me to the moon” has meaning!

2. Two words: Toasted marshmallows.

1. Repulsor ray + annoying brats at the mall in Heelys = fun for the whole family!

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