Secret Agent Man: How to Survive Online Dating without a Profile Picture

Not AvailableSo you have a high profile job.

Or you are shy.

Or unphotogenic.

Or you’re a spy for the government.

Or you’re an undercover cop.

Or you feel that online dating is a meat market and a “Real Woman” would choose a future mate based on his profile rather than his picture.

Either way, you don’t have one posted on your dating profile.

And what do you know? You’re getting little to no bites. No winks, no emails, no love. What’s a guy to do?

Surviving Online Dating without a Profile Picture

#1 Have a damn good profile.

It has to be twice as good as those guys with photos. I wish I could say this isn’t true, but it is.

#2 You are excused from writing a catchy headline.

Your catchy headline must be, “I have pictures, will email!” or something to that effect. This gives the girls a reason to read your damn good profile. Otherwise, they will just move on.

#3 DO NOT write excuses about why you don’t have a photo posted.

Nothing turns a girl off like a profile full of excuses. Ew. If your profile is a damn good profile, we will email you.

On the other hand…. boasting about how you’re an undercover police officer or a “very important member of the District Attorney’s office” only makes us think you have a big, big, big…. HEAD. Just be normal.

If you are in fact an undercover cop or a bigwig with the DA, you can tell us about it later. Stick to the same type of stuff you’d write if you DID have a picture. “I work in law enforcement and just last week gave a ticket to a 95 year old man who was driving 95 mph!” or “Working in law is fascinating because every day is a new challenge.

#4 Write a short description of yourself in the body of your profile.

Let’s face it, we’re scared that you might look like Jabba the Hut, or be missing half your face, or something else tragically unattractive. (Sorry!)

A little blurb goes a long way: “I am tall and lean with blue eyes and hair that’s either red or blond depending on the light.

#5 More than the average guy, you will have to make the first moves.

This goes the same for girls with no profile pictures (I went several months with none myself). You have to be the one who writes those initial emails. (Remember, winks are for wimps!) When you write the initial email, let her know that you have several pictures available and will show them to her if she is interested.

Having no profile picture certainly makes online dating a little harder, but definitely not impossible! Don’t forget, that “damn good profile” is only a geek girl away! I’m happy to help.

Also, those concerned with privacy should really check out’s Chemistry service. This service pairs you up with compatible matches and only they can check out your profile. Perfect for you Secret Agent Men!

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