The Nine Dating Alignments: “I’ll Dump You Because…”

In the first half, you saw the Alignments’ “I’ll Date you because…” Because most good things eventually come to an end, here’s the flip side:

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The Nine Dating Alignments: I’ll Dump You Because…

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I’ll dump you because…

Lawful Good: You deserve someone who can treat you better than I can.

Chaotic Good: We just don’t feel right together anymore.

Neutral Good: You cheated on me.

Lawful Neutral: You don’t fit into my lifestyle and moral value system.

Neutral: You don’t seem to be interested in me anymore.

Chaotic Neutral: It’s Tuesday.

Neutral Evil: You have outlived your usefulness.

Chaotic Evil: I’ve been seeing someone else on the side and like them better.

Lawful Evil: You’re in the way of me wanting to date someone else.

Stay tuned for “I’ll Marry You Because…”

Can you come up with some other “I’ll dump you because…” reasons?

Post ‘em below in the comments!

If we get enough good ones, I’ll put up Part Deux!

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