Personal Ad Makeover: Alan (After)

Gay Beach!

You said it couldn’t be done – Alan had a funny and witty profile, how could it get even better?

Truth is, every profile can be improved.

Heck, even my own profile was a constant work in progress. I updated and changed my profile on an almost weekly basis when I was on the market searching for my geek boy.

So Alan’s profile is good – but now…

It’s geek-tastic!

Headline: How cool it would be if our date were crashed by pirates?

About Me and My Date:

Imagine if you will, a beautiful beach scene. But we’re not walking hand in hand, nope, that’s for boring people. We’re better than that. We’re playing Frisbee, flying a kite, having an epic sandcastle-building contest, or digging for long lost pirate treasures. We’re talking about current events, the geology of beaches, or arguing over who would win in a cage fight between Winston Churchill and Darth Vader. Everyone on the beach is staring at us, but don’t worry, it’s because they’re jealous!

I’m the type of guy who swallows gallons of seawater learning how to surf. I exclaim with mock indignity that I’ve never been so miserable, but then show up the next day, ready to do it all over again! Sucker for punishment or just tenacious? You decide! Let’s get together sometime – I can make an adventure out of the ordinary and would love to have someone along for the ride! Whether it’s pondering the Grand Slam at Denny’s at 2 a.m. or laughing hysterically with sand in our shorts at the beach, I’m up for it. Are you?


for fun:

I’m all about games and drama. Board games, card games, video games, and role-playing games are my favorites! Want to play? Or maybe you’re more of a fan of drama – let’s catch a play or movie!

my education:

My love of drama? Blame it on my Theater Arts degree from Cal Poly.

last read:

World War Z: The tale of a world-wide zombie outbreak (…braiiiins…), told through interviews with the survivors. It’s a picture of society’s reaction to the worst of circumstances that’s both depressing and uplifting.

About e

Since 2008, E. Foley of Geek’s Dream Girl has been helping geeks from around the world find love. She writes amazing online dating profiles for her fellow geeks and guides them through the perilous waters of the dating scene and out the other side. She's totally proud to report that she's even caused a couple geek weddings! She lives in Maryland with DaveTheGame, her adorable cats, Mr. Peanut & Don Juan, and Titania, Queen of the Cocker Spaniels. (Email e, or follow @geeksdreamgirl on Twitter.)

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