This GeekGeek loves her TomTom.

Tom TomLet me share a tidbit about myself: I have absolutely NO sense of direction. Well, I’m not totally lost. I can look at the sun and as long as it’s not within a few hours of noon, tell you what direction is what. (My dad was a leader in the Boy Scouts for years. He also accidentally taught me how to tie a hangman’s noose at age 8, but that’s another story.)

Either way, I had my big trip to Charlotte and had to get around town to various schools, apartment complexes, dinner engagements. Charlotte, by the way, was designed by drunken monkeys. You can drive straight for 5 miles and be on 5 different streets and you can make a right turn at an intersection and be on the same street you left… Thus, I thought, I should really get myself a GPS. It’s about time – and just think of all the gas money I’d save if I never got lost!!

My friend Derek chided me for getting a TomTom. “You should get a Garmin nüvi,” he said. “TomTom’s suck.” I told him that if he sent me the $80 difference, I’d gladly return the TomTom and buy a Garmin. He decided he’d let me keep the TomTom.

I powered it up and went through the tutorial. Easy enough. Not a huge selection of voices, but I found one that seemed like it would be the least irritating. I am tempted to plug into the internet and download the British voices. I’ve always been a sucker for accents!

I tested it out on a Saturday when I drove to the local dance hall. (Not club dancing, real dancing.) So far, so good.

Then it was off to make the 8 hour drive to my destination. Woot!

TomTom did a good job getting me places. Even when I messed up and missed a turn because I couldn’t change lanes (dumb traffic!), TomTom quietly recalculated my route and got me back on track. My only gripe is about the battery life. It only lasts a couple hours unplugged. My car, Xanadu*, has a broken cig lighter at the moment, so I couldn’t charge the TomTom while driving. I had to use the USB connection to my laptop when I was in my hotel.

Once I get the cig lighter fixed (*crossing fingers that it can be fixed or replaced cheaply!*), then TomTom and I will be inseparable!

* Not an Olivia Newton John reference, but a Samuel Taylor Coleridge reference. Guess the exterior and interior color of my car (and the connection to S.T.C.) and win my undying admiration of your literary geekiness.

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