Craigslist Experiment 2.0: The First Hour

Here are our first eligible bachelors!

Bachelor #1

do you yahoo or myspace?

That’s it? That’s all he can come up with to write? No picture, no name, no hello?

Bachelor #2

I liked your well written profile and pretty smile. And my Blue Heeler, Buddy, would love to play with Tucker.

I’m C—–, a down to earth, funny and romantic one woman man who recently moved to ——-. I’m divorced, outgoing, fearless, blunt, liberal, and a great cook.

Check out my photo and if you want to take the next step write back.

Hope to see you soon!


He doesn’t mention his age, but I’d peg him as late 40s. He probably doesn’t mention his age because he’s hoping Lisa here will like him first and then ignore the fact that he’s pushing 50. Other than that, this is actually a good email. Bravo to you!

Bachelor #3


would you mak an exception i am 50, 6-3, 215 lbs. handsome degreed professional. live near ———–

if so, let me know and i will send my pic.


Well, T, you are a “handsome degreed professional” but can’t manage to capitalize properly. You’re also 5 years over her age cap. I do applaud you admitting it, but if Lisa actually existed, you probably wouldn’t get a reply.

Bachelor #4

Why do you call yourself that?

Middle school is the toughest I found when I worked as a sub teacher in ——-.

I am 38, educated and take baths.

This is an example of a good short n’sweet. He’s done all the right things:

  1. Asked a question she’ll want to answer
  2. Given a factoid that shows he’s read her profile and can talk about it.
  3. Has enough personal info (and a sense of humor).
  4. Attached a picture (pretty cute!)

Bachelor #5

Is that a German Shepherd? I like big dogs. My dog growing up was a German Shepherd/yellow lab mix, so I have a real soft spot.

Your ad comes at a funny time. For some reason (maybe because I was recently in ——-) I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Mexican food, and how much I love it, and how there was no Mexican food (or Mexican people) where I grew up, and I can’t believe how I ever managed to grow up without breakfast tacos.

Why/how are you geeky?

Another quality email, except for the lack of an age or picture. He does seem genuine and has picked up on her love of Mexican food.

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