Craigslist Experiment 2.0: The Next Hour

…definitely coming in a LOT slower than the 18 year old, but a steady stream nonetheless.

Bachelor #6

hi ,u are looking lovely ,wish I was 46 at least.but im 51 ,like to be friend’s I work at a school too .but im the head custodian there ,but ,hey if you like to talk let me know ,im a very honest guy .take care thanks for taking the time to read this ,bye hope you fine what you are looking for ………….J. this is me .

Wow, the punctuation in this email just speaks for itself. Who knew that the period belonged to the NEXT sentence?

Bachelor #7

Hello, my name is B—-, saw your profile and thought I’d say howdy. I am 42, 6 foot tall, and a nice guy. You said you were looking for a nice guy right? I have a job a house and all the stuff an adult should have. I do have two kids but my daughter just moved out and my son is probably not far behind, I am not in any relationship, I seek to have some company, a person to go out and experience things with. I would happily send a picture but CL says it too big a file and I don’t know how to reduce it yet, yahoo or hotmail will let it go through if you are interested. I also have a horde of dogs and two cats, anywho, hope to hear back from you or Tucker soon, and will send a pic if you want, Cheers, B—–

Nice email. He gets it all out on the table and throws in a cute bit about the dog writing back.

Bachelor #8

Subject: Someone with sense…

And hopefully, a sense of humor.

Living in North —— would be a plus!

Do I look like the guy of your dreams?

Be nice, now….LOL

Has a picture, looks the right age. But really… no name, no mention of ANYTHING from Lisa’s profile? This is obviously a cut-n-paste email that he sends out to all the girls on craigslist.

Bachelor #9

I am a geek, and I’ll proudly admit it. What kind of geek are you? I will gladly tell you more about me if you’ll return the favour.

British spelling? I can forgive that. He seems okay, but offers no other information other than he’s a geek.

Bachelor #10

I just read your profile and you are an attractive woman. Love your dog also too by the way I am a huge animal lover I was a dog handler for a few years so I have a huge soft spot for them here is a pic of me my dog pic was pretty big it would send thru, thru craigs take care hope to talk to you soon,

No name, no age. Dog lover alone doesn’t seem like enough of a reason to write back, does it? He’s got a picture of himself in a bar holding a beer, a disembodied female hand on his shoulder. Hmmm…. no. Going to go with no.

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