Craigslist Experiment 2.0: The Last Few Bachelors…

This ad went live at 2:30 and I pulled it off at 7:30 pm. Here are the remaining bachelors:

Bachelor #16

Recently moved here from ——- (yes another one of those). Currently working for —— but a Graphic Artist by trade. Finally getting settled in and looking to see what —–has to offer, dont get me wrong, I am not looking for a tour guide rather a woman to share it with. I am also 30 and never had a tolerance for the games that girls play and hope you feel the same way. I am avid when it comes to music and looking for someone who feels the same or at least is open to being introduced to new music (been to 2 live shows so far). I know I’m a good cook, still learning, but —- has nothing on my authentic Mexican family recipes. I am honest, straightforward, witty, sarcastic and love long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners and anything else that appeals to the opposite sex…did I mention i had a sense of humor?

would like to hear from you, but if not, thats fine too


It’s not “fine” if I don’t write back… that is the biggest lie that people write in these types of emails. There’s also a big red flag here? Did you find it? You get a star if you said, “He mentions GAME PLAYING! If they mention it, it’s a big part of their life or they’ve been burned by it. Stay away!”

Bachelor #17

yahoo messenger?

He attached a picture. Why are Mexican guys so cocky? Lisa likes to eat Mexican food, not Mexicans.

Bachelor #18

i challenge you to a sit ups contest.

Points for originality, but really, wtf?

Bachelor #19


My name is S, and I am 29 years old. Please find a picture of me in the attachment. If you like it please email me back.



PS: Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Boring. Boring. Boring. Out of 20 emails, if you had to pick 5, would he be in that group? Nope.

Bachelor #20

how are you to day? ..i would like to talk to you if you like .. my name is _______ ______ ______ 4 im 35 with green eyes. my e-mail is ____@______ hope to talk to you soon. P.S nice dog

He’s a “the 4th” or he just stuck a random 4 after his name. Not sure which. He’s doing a Captain Morgan-esque pose with his Ford F150. Classy. I bet he’d want Lisa to father __________ the 5th. No thanks!

Well, Geek Friends, that’s it for our 30 year old! A slower stream of emails than for the youngin’, but that’s to be expected. If you notice tho, we have the same types of emails an the same types of problems and red flags. I hope this shows you a bit of “What Not to Write” and helps you set yourself apart when emailing the ladies!

Another Craigslist Experiment is in the works. Look for it soon!

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