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My quest for complete domination of the internets is almost complete! While ‘e’ is away, I was able to obtain a foothold on her blog and take control! Mwa HA HA HA!

Yup, it’s me, your friendly neighborhood Chatty DM, coming to you here on Geek’s Dream Girl for one special edition, never seen before, collector’s Feed Favorites.

I may not have a lot to share in terms of Love advice except “make her laugh and listen to her like your life depended on it” but I do have a lot of geek stuff to share with you.

Forever the Bard?

Let’s start with some D&D 4e goodies and give you an awesome, fan-created version of the Bard! I would play that class in a minute!

D&D 4e + Legos + 7 year old = awesome cubed!

Not too sure about D&D 4e’s potential to be an actual Role-Playing game (as opposed to roll-playing wargame)? Please have a look at this Story Games thread where Tony fires up Keep on the Shadowfell with his 7 year old boy. This is quite possibly the best Actual Play report I have ever read. I only wish I can have half this much fun playing D&D with my 6 year old.

Tropey Villains!

Critical-Hits.com is a geek-fueled high quality blog where a bunch of buddies discuss all things geeky (I suggest you start by having a look at these most excellent reviews of Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit). This week, contributor ‘The Main Event’ posted a very good article on making an awesome recurring villain in your RPG campaign.

I love me some monsters!

Do you feel that the latest edition of D&D is a bit too predictable in terms of monster names? Do you need some help generating new ones? Have a look at this 4e compatible Monster Generator. I never tire of playing with it!

Plus you can actually use it with Asmor’s Monster Cruncher here to actually make real monsters!

On loving a Nerd

What, you want some actual geek relationship relevant links? Oy, that’s asking a lot.

You know how ‘e’ is always about teaching geek guys to snag some awesome geek ladies? Well let me share some inverse tips and give you a link to the ultimate guide to understanding a male Nerd! I give you the Nerd Handbook!

The Novice DM

In my 25 some years as a RPG GM, I often heard how hard it was for someone to take the mantle of GMing and how daunting such a task was. I agree that it’s not an easy challenge. However, here’s a little something to give you hope. Geek sister Heather is a recent D&D player that decided to explore DMing. Her posts on the subject are thought provoking and fascinating to read. If you want to tackle DMing, join her in her journey. She shows all the signs of an awesome DM!

Obligatory Self Promotion

Like to win stuff? You like to write? How about you submit a few One-Sentence NPCs for my new Contest? You could win one of many, many prizes! You have until July 13th to participate. One NPC = one chance to win! No limits!

Well that’s it for me, I hope I was able to point you to a few cool things. I miss ‘e’ a lot and hope she’s having the time of her life in ‘Les Europes’.

Peace out!

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